• You could try to do these things to help ease the pain. One you could write about it in a poem, story, or journal. Two talk to your friends to find out what they think you should do. Three try to find someone else whom will accept you for who you are because that is what you really need. I know it is not easy to be rejected. Yep, I am married now, but I have been rejected trust me, it wasn't fun. I had a crush on a popular guy at school n he was so faking that he liked me. gott him back good though. I was just too smart :) Stay true to yourself, patience is not easy, but it's worth the wait for someone who deserves you.
  • i've had this happen to me too. I was dating this guy for 6 months when he suddenly broke up with me and i cried and cried and i didn't know how i would live without him. I stayed at my friends house for a week because i couldn't cope by myself and now its been about 4 months, the guy wants me back, but i'm dating someone else.
  • Forget she. He should start looking for somebody else. Don't cry over spilt milk.
  • I understand. You need to focus your attention elsewhere. Its summer, take a couple classes. Swim Class, Guitar Class, Flower Arranging Class, Bicycle Maintenance Class. Give up on girls. You cant trust them. Live like a fake monk. Its mental, you know. Its not the habit. Once you give up, you will be ripe for a relationship.
  • theres more shes in the sea... in the meantime remember girls dont like hangups or baggage, dont let those past things become part of you and weigh you down.
  • Is she knows that you loving her? did you tell her about your love? you said that they both love each other, that's call real love is, let them love each other, why you going between them? they both understandings each other feelings, that's why they fell in love. When you love her, she should have the same feelings on you too, if she doesn't have the same feelings like you, that means she's not loving you. Ask her that is she loves you first? good luck
  • Why u want to worry about her? if she doesn't loves you, there's no use of loving her. Love means you both should love and like each others and understand each other feelings, then only it make sense and it means to you both of you, if you love her by forcefully by yourself, she'll get jealous on you in the future, she's not going to co-operates with you in the future, you know that she loves somebody else. Think about it brother. There are plenty of girls are there, Why don't you find a girl who understands your loves and likes. good luck.
  • That has happened to me three times LOL hahaha.. I tell you what to do. Take the lesson and move on! what is the lesson? the lesson is to educate yourself in choosing the right person by being the right person. learn how to LOVE and who to LOVE. Learn how to respect yourself and how to gain self-esteem and self-confidence. Learn how to be a successful man who all the women want to challenge other women to get him. Learn how to create high expectations which is the root of all happiness and success in life and relationships. and so and so on...
  • i would move on since she already did

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