• Yes I do.. I don't feel like it is damaging the memory of those who suffered, or trivialising it. I don't think it is harmful. If the data can help others, then surely it can only be a good thing. I don't think it will encourage similar actions in the future, or justify past actions. That can't be done. It may seem a little un-ethical, but if something helpful can come from it, and lives and health can ultimately be improved then perhaps it is for the best. Perhaps if I had family who suffered, or was in someway connected or directly affected then my answer would be a little more emotional rather than practical and I would think no.
  • I don’t actually think they should be allowed. I understand that the experiments they carried out, hopefully, won’t ever be repeated & so the info is potentially a one-off opportunity. I just think we all have a responsibility to reject everything the Nazi's did. However pretty much all our governments didn’t feel like this after the war & used the horrifying data to boost our industry, kinda gross really.
  • The past can't be undone, and the horrific experiments have happened whether we use the results or not, so if something that was uncovered is helpful in today's medical procedures then perhaps a tiny bit of good can come out of what happened.
  • It would seem to me that we should find whatever good we can retrieve from such a senseless waste of lives. But just thinking about how to word this response tells me what a challenging question this is.

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