• No, as it's pretty much the only thing that CAN. Science is what's letting you type that question out, you know.
  • Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge. -Carl Sagan.
  • Yes. Not all questions are merely physical. And science does very poorly at metaphysics. It's simply the wrong tool for the job.
  • No. Science is not a living being able to have emotions like arrogance.
  • "Science" has never claimed that. Science attempts to answer questions and poses new questions to be answered.
  • Science is not a conscious entity so it cannot be arrogant. Scientists are not arrogant either in this regard because anyone who knows anything about science knows that there are some things that are out of it's scope. Science, by definition, deals with the natural world, so it cannot solve any type of supernatural question.
  • Science doesn't proclaim all questions can be answered. I would say Science is more inline with attempting to understand questions. For instance, in Computer Science, there are certain problems that are recognized to be very difficult, and these problems can take a very long time for a computer to calculate and solve. Computer Scientists don't seek ways to solve these problems easily; on the contrary, they find ways to identify problems that fall under this category. In this case, the idea here is more about understanding what is feasible, and trying best to answer these questions.
  • No, science attempts to answer all the questions. That's not arrogant. That's curiosity. That's a noble attempt to understand and explain the nature of the universe. Science can improve the quality of our lives by discovering new and better ways of doing things. On the other hand, people who believe that science has solved all the questions are being stoopid.
  • thinking they can solve the answers is a good attitude to have. philosophers think they have asked all the right questions. finding the answers isnt the quest.

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