• dump his a$$. i promise your too good for him, nobody deserves that
  • Please get out now!!!!
  • you realize this is not right or you would not be askin for help...get rid of him and find someone you KNOW loves you and treats you right....
  • Stop forgiving him and start running... LEAVE. NOW.
  • Are you kidding me? The fact that you are still with your "fiance" says a lot more about you than it does it about him. LEAVE. LOVE YOURSELF.
  • Hes a loser that will never change, love, or support you the way you should be. Get the hell away from him. Hes bad news. Trust me girl, ive been in the same situation...(kinda) mine got WAY further than yours...but it WILL NEVER END UP BEING A HAPPY ENDING. Ever. If anything it will be VERY BAD. Hes a selfish, childish, angry, d*ckhead...who is unfaithful, greedy, and full of deciet. GET OUT NOW.
  • Ask yourself: Do I want to live this way? Do I deserve to live this way? Why am I letting him do this to me? Walk away, don't look back. Nobody deserves to be treated that way. I would strongly suggest you speak with a counselor. They will be able to help you get past the pain, guilt, and humiliation you are feeling now and you will become a stronger person for it.
  • What do you want help with?
  • first thing i want u to know that ,love is the reason why u stayed with him and took all that shit from him! so listen carefully this man will not make u happy or give u the love and support u need in ur life. the truth is, no matter how much u r denying this but he will never change!!!! im sorry for ur miscarriage, but look how he handle that i know that was a hard time for u especialy the way that asshole handle that. i think that was a sign ,for u to get the hell out of this toxic relationship! u need to leave him now. the best way to do so is ur family and friends support ,with there help, love ,and support u will get over him and move on to a better man ,thats going to love and treat u good! i wish u the best of luck!
  • Can you really see sharing your life with someone like this? If so, no one on a website are going to be able to help you, but you should seek professional help to get over whatever it is that makes you feel that you deserve a life like you have, or that the relationship equates to "love".
  • STOP! THINK! Just sit down and use the brains God gave you. NOW......relax. Would you want your daughter to be treated this way? A friend? a sister? Well, why not? Then why would you do this to yourself? He can't do any more than you ALLOW him to!!! Be good to yourself! Take care of you, your body, your heart, YOUR LIFE! This is a MESS! It will only get worse. He has been fooling with your head! STOP the sick game, DON'T play! GAME ........OVER! Good Luck! Don't play these deadly games! You deserve hugs, and flowers, and to be treated with kindness!!!!!!! (((((((HUGS))))))))))
  • You just stay away from him..Don't think about him..Think about how nice it would be if you forget him as soon as possible and start a brand new life..first as a free spirit with no worries on your mind and later on with someone who really cares and loves you and takes good care of you..There are plenty of honest and nice men out there.. don't give up on life..don't go back to someone who is nothing but a load of bulls***. Enjoy life.. we only live once. Don't waste your time with someone like this! You don't have babies with someone like this but with someone who really deserve to have your baby! It's a chance to start a FREE NEW LIFE! Grab this opportunity and don't waste it.
  • You don't deserve to be abused and mistreated. He does not love you, therefore you need to move on and love yourself. If you stay with him things will only get worse because a man like him will only continue to ruin your life. You should really get the police involved so that he can no longer physically hurt you. Also, start to realize what you're worth so that this will wont happen again. I wish you well.
  • DONT TAKE IT WORONG!! The miscarriage was an answer from God. It is not meant for you two to be together. There are plenty men out there so why would you want to be with somebody who already has shown you that he can not be trusted? If you love yourself you would find a real MAN.
  • Ditch him.
  • you play the victem well, whatever works for you I guess
  • Do you have an engagement ring or does someone else. Move to a new town and start over. It would be theraputic. No married guys OK?
  • Re-read you question. What do you think we are going to say? All the advice in the world won't convince you to leave him. It's on you now.
  • How long have you been together? Except from the engagement (there was an engagement, wasn't it?), did you really get the impression that he was loving you? Beating you and abusing you is certainly a sign of the contrary. His reaction to your miscarriage too. See this break in your relationship as a chance for you: use it to find a new orientation and new friends. Work on your self worth, meet different people, take some distance. Find people who can give you real support, and who will understand you. If possible, go over the 3 months period. It is very nice to forgive people. But for me, it looks likes you deserve someone better. Do you have such a bad self esteem as to think that you can't find someone else? I get the strong impression that the best that could happen to you at this point would probably be that he meets someone else through his single ads and loses interest in you. You don't need someone like this, in my opinion.
  • I do not think that this relationship is going to work. Beating and abusing is the answer. You should just break up with him. It is better for you to be painful for shot term than when you married to him, you are going to suffer for long time. So shut it up now.
  • What's wrong with some of you women? I mean seriously. You're pathetic to stay with him. Just pathetic.
  • Dump the fool, anybody who phsically abuse there wife is a punk. He touches you again, call the police and throw him in jail.
  • He's not your fiance he is a CON MAN!!! GET RID OF HIM!
  • RUN! and don't look back. I know it hurts but Maybe losing his child was a blessing allowing you to sever all ties with this monster. He does not care about anyone other than himself and he doesn't care who he hurts in the process of satisfying himself.

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