• I *love* camping! I wake up each morning with the birds. :-) Edit: My favourite part? Thats difficult to say and it would depend on my location.
  • I used to enjoy it when I was younger. But, I don't like it now because you don't get to shower for days. Also, the weather has to be pretty nice to camp. I remember it raining some of the days.
  • Yes, I LOVE Nature, and all of her little woodland creatures. My favorite part is the smells and sights you see and , well, smell! along the way while walking peacefully along the trails..ahhhh nature!
  • I love all aspects of camping, planning, packing, getting there, unpacking, setting up, exploring, fishing, cooking, perhaps not cleaning up, bathing in the river, fishing, going to sleep hearing the fish jumping, the birds, waking up in the middle fo the night, stoking up the campfire and having a hot tea and listening to the night sound, waking up to the birds, did I mention fishing? Yeah I like camping and fishing, did I mention that I really like fishing? And camping. And I like packing up and going home to hot showers and soft beds and then planning the next camping trip....
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      Now i want to go . haven't in a while.
  • These days I find camping a lot harder with my health, but we still go away for at least a week every year, normally to a nice little camp site near Southend in Essex, UK. Reasons I love it: Lots of BBQ food 8o) Getting away from stress Its fun for the family Its a cheap way to get away
  • I love camping. My favorite part is the wildlife.
  • no. when I was young we were too poor to stay in hotels, so my parents took us camping. that was the 60s when tents had no floors and leaked when it rained. I hated it...I was scared of the bugs and the snakes and the like, hated the taste of carbonated meat....put me off for it ever so humble, there is no place like one with a floor.
  • I always think I'll enjoy camping until I get there and remember why I hate it. Wet feet, cramp in my legs, a bad back, soggy sandwiches and strange noises from outside. Still, I never learn and usually end up doing it again!
  • camping is a great survival drill. i love it.i like to pretend we are post nuclear war and nobody is left on earth
  • Getting up in the early am to go to the bathroom and smelling the aroma of cooked bacon emanating throughout the park.
  • I love looking at the stars, the sky is so beautiful.
  • The only positive thing about camping is that I get a chance to be in complete darkness, depending on where I go. Other than that, our family's camping trips are always the same: I end up doing all the packing/unpacking, I have to set up the tent, I have to cook the food. My lazy siblings do nothing but play with their friends. Sigh, if I had friends they could come too, but at least I'd still do something useful. That darkness is nice me a chance to be truly alone...
  • I'm all about the s'mores!
  • i say the fishing and cooking. I hate that people that think its more important to get booze than water to prevent dehydration on those trips. Then complain that theyre dehydrated and hungover.
  • I love camping. My favorite part is just having to take time to do things together without anyone wanting to go play their computer, having to run out to an activity or be in a rush to get things ready after work. I love the feeling of time passing without a rush so I can enjoy all the things I need to do. I love watching birds, listening to the creek bubble by, the giggles and shrieks of the children playing, the smell of dinner on the camp stove, and the men collecting wood for the campfire with the anticipation of singing and smores.
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      I'm there!
  • I love camping! I like having to "rough it", I love the stars, I love S'mores! Campfires! I want to go camping SO bad!
  • being someplace quiet & peaceful
  • I hope you enjoyed the stars after all your hard work--the fair lustrous star...shall beam immortal (Walt Whitman) Cheers!
  • Nature is very beautiful and inspiring to behold but I do most love getting home to a hot shower and sleeping in my own bed.
  • Very much so. Being in nature close to the elements recharges me, and helps to clear my mind. Hearing only natural sounds, seeing only natural landscapes,and breathing in the fresh air are a few.
  • 3-26-2017 Getting home and taking a nice warm shower.
  • I used to love camping but I have sold all my camping equipment tent and sleeping bags. I no longer live in the high country of Colorado and now getting too old to enjoy it like I did when I was in my 40s and 50s. I am almost 80 now.
  • I don't camp anymore, nor ride my bike along the beach or go anywhere or do anything.
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      I hear doing nothing is a lot of work. Would you agree?
  • I like watching the fire, playing in the water, the company and conversation of the people I'm with. Growing gratitude for the comfort and conveniences of home.

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