• I was in sixth grade. So I was 10. It was an apple. And we programmed it in Basic.
  • 16 years old, an HP9810A in Junior year of HS. It was about as big as a laser printer. I forget how we gave it the input to "move contents of register A to register B", but we managed to use it to add a few numbers together, woot!
  • I was 8 years old and it was big and yellow and full of color and my dad told me not to touch it xD
  • I think I was 6. It was a mac and I tried playing Warcraft 2 rather unsuccessfully. Although my little brother started at age 4 on a Pentium D machine. Crazy, yes? We didn't even have P3's when I used that mac for the first time.
  • maybe around 10 and I remember playing the Oregon Trail at school and waiting 10 minutes for one picture of a naked women to download at home
  • I had one of the first apples that came out and then I eventually got a commadore 64...They were the greatest thing next to slice bread that is lol...I was 12 I believe when I get my Apple and then 14 I think when I got my commadore, so that would have been around the years of 81, 82 I think...
  • I was seven or eight when my father brought me to his office and I remember I played snake on his computer and drew some pictures with paint. I had my own pc when I was thirteen.
  • I was in the second grade (6 years old) and the TRS-80 was a slow-ass piece of shit even back then.
  • Perhaps fourteen. It was a PDP 11/70.
  • I was 5. The day before i started Kindergarten, meeting the teachers, etc. I was waiting on my mom to get ready to go(she was still talking to one of the teachers)i saw a computer and went to it, started playing games while i waited. Of course..that computer was not connected to internet, it had the name of my school as the screensaver..that was back in 1990.
  • The Atari 800XL that I bought out of my hard earned money. Those things were not cheap(price). I was about 16 years old then.
  • I don't know the exact first time, but I remember using a computer at age 4. It had Windows 95 (which, at the time, was about as new as Vista is today) on it I think. I remember the year because the computer had a countdown timer on it and I set it to 99 minutes and backed up to the wall to get away from the "97". So it was in 1997 most likely.
  • Elliot 903, 1978. About the size of a desk, 8k ram (core), paper tape in and out. I was 16.
  • I was 36, yes really, and didn't have a clue, couldn't even work out the difference between files and folders, but have learnt relatively quickly since then with the help of my boyfriend, and am even designing simple html websites now :)
  • That was way back in the late 70s and early 80s. I remember an old Tandy machine and after that was one from Texas Instrument. I was maybe in my early 20s.
  • just over 1 year old... i played this game named "Mcgee", i think... you play a little baby walking around the house on a saturday morning. there's no objective, so it was more like a computerized mobile. . anyway, i'm 19 and i haven't stopped playing since :)

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