• Well, if your bf won't even allow you to be friends with another guy, then he's not just being jealous. He's being controlling. As for the Neighbor Guy, why can't you have a male friend? And since he knows about your bf, he should respect your relationship. If he starts flirting/doing stuff you aren't comfortable with, you need to let him know that, and ask him to stop. If he doesn't? Stop hanging with him, or at least do it less. For the last to your bf. Find out what eh considers cheating. For example, me and my bf both know that flirting is okay, as long as it's only light hearted, and isn't going anywhere...But if one side or the other starts being serious about it, it's time to stop.
  • No you dont love him. When you love someone you stop playing games; you stop wanting other males in your life; you want to make sure you never hurt his feelings like let him think you are flirting with other guys. There is no love involved here just a girl who wants guys on the side.

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