• Those who can make you believe in absurdities, can make you commit atrocities. : Religion.
  • Oh my God!!! I have no words..just tears for my answer, sorry Mensan
  • Evil, pure and simple. These are the same people that stone to death a woman who was raped because she brings shame to them. Evil exists. :(
  • Their is an update in the link saying its not real and was only street theatre.
  • This is a hoax. These are street performers.
  • It seems to be another email hoax. From "Commentary: The disturbing set of photographs shown above has now been circulating via email, blogs and forums for several years. According to the explanation that accompanies the images, they depict an 8 year old child being punished under Islamic law for stealing bread from a market in Iran. The message claims that the images show the boy's arm being deliberately crushed by a car wheel as retribution for his crime, all in the name of Islam. However, as is often the case with images that circulate cyberspace, things are not what they seem. While the photographs themselves are genuine, the event they show had nothing whatsoever to do with Islamic law and was not a punishment for stealing. In reality, the stunt was a street performance conducted for the entertainment of onlookers. The photographs were originally published on the Iranian news website Peykeiran." "Moreover, most versions of the protest message omit the seventh photograph in the series, which shows the boy sitting up after the stunt, apparently with no serious injuries. Thus, the claim in the message that the boy permanently lost the use of his arm is clearly untrue."
  • Don't you ask yourself if they wanted to cut off or crush his arm then why did they put a pillow under it?! It's a street stunt show. The kid has extraordinary bones which allow him to undergo heavy weights. There is also another photo, which your link doesn't include, that shows him raising up his hand to show that it is alright. My issue with these photos is that why should they be allowed to use a kid for a street show like that?
  • *blink* Are you kidding? Children are not yet at the age of reason, and thus would not be punished in such a manner under Islamic law... besides they'd cut off his hand if anything. Those are street performers. If he was being punished he would not have had the towel there to provide a buffer between his arm and the pavement.
  • this is barbaric
  • do you get off posting lies? You are a liar posting propaganda? No wonder you are anonymous.
  • Thats so EVIL.......unhuman!!..... BTW i never looked at the link ,as it would be way too distressing , i see they are saying it was a hoax,i hope that is true! but women are still stoned to death by some who live in the dark ages who are actually just murderers and they enjoy the killing like serial killers

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