• Theoretically, yes. But some people think that politics should be integrated with all aspects of life. Poop on that.
  • I totally agree with you!
  • I think we are justified in caring since it speaks to their personal attitude regarding deception. The Government deceives us plenty already.
  • I could care less, unless it is a politician that has the nerve to try and legislate what goes on in the bedrooms of others. A hypocritical cocsucker like Craig who chugs manmeat while fighting hard on anti-gay legislation deserves to be exposed. Otherwise, it is between the po9ltiician and his significant other imo.
  • Yes cause it reflects on their personality, if they are going to cheat on their S/O then what else are they going to possibly cheat on?? election? seems currupt
  • I think so, yes. But it plays into the overall character of the politician. If a man can't be honest and do the right thing for the person theoretically closest in his life to him, why should I as a voter expect honesty and character?
  • Don't you feel it shows the depth of a person's morality, and hence, his loyalty? If a guy's willing to lie to his wife and children, wouldn't it be somewhat safe to say that he's far more capable of lying to masses of people he'll never meet? Consider Elliot Spitzer (DOUCHEBAG!): He purchased the services of prostitutes with state money again and again. One estimate claims that every single tax paying resident of the state of NY paid about $0.20 to get Elliot laid. Yes, I can crap 20 cents, but it was my 20 cents and it's 20 cents I wouldn't have given otherwise. Now how many other politicians are getting laid on your hard earned money at just (at the minimum) 20 cents at a time? Is it still a personal affair?
  • I think that Politicians can be hypocrites. Here in the UK we have had more than one of these married male Politicians talk about family values and then they have been caught and exposed having extra marital relations with both people of the same or opposite sex. I think that if they are in the public eye and choose to be vocal on how the rest of us should live then they should lead by example otherwise it just makes a mockery of the whole system.
  • I care because I feel that it says something about their moral character. If they are a public figure, it needs to be public knowledge - the public has a right to know, in other words. If a politician has an affair, in what other areas is he or she showing a lack of integrity? Probably in matters pertaining to governing/leading, too! And that can affect me/my life in some way. So I want to know, so I can make sure to vote for a different politician than that one, even if I had voted for them before, next time if I have the opportunity.
  • I think their private life is there own business and people that feel it is their business are hypocrites.Their sexual activity has little to do with their performance at work.It is like saying a scientist is no longer qualified to practice her/his profession because of an affair.
  • If a politician will do something so devastating to their family, what would they do to me...someone they don't know or care about. My welfare is their last concern, though they may claim to represent me. HA!
  • I don't care because I think it says less about their honesty and more about their discontentment, and is irrelevant to their competence. With that said I do care when they can't balance their checking account and write bad checks. How competent can those ones be?
  • Of coarse it`s a private matter,unless it interferes .Like that govenor who just disappeared,worried everyone, and then returned to resign.
  • Were there any that didn't?
  • When it became so all fired important for the Republicans to bring down a President, it became important.
  • I only care if they try to push "family values" on me while they're banging their receptionist in some hotel.
  • I truly don't see the difference between the president having an affair and my neighbor having an affair. Unless its with my girlfriend, of course...
  • Living a double life isnt a private matter.
  • Don't care of their private lives. Politics shall be about politics, not politicians.

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