• Yes, I do, and remember it from my late teen/young adult days in the cool 70's! But I remember that it also gave me a headache. I should try to go to one of those shops that has essential oils, smell it, and feel the memories of my young adulthood come rising to the surface! That's what scents can do - there is a powerful association there! Hope you're enjoying it, if you have some.
  • Ohhh, I've always loved it! I am, however, of the patchouli generation....way..back...then...;) Also, add a little musk oil...mmmmm
  • omg-patchouli oil......what a riot. happy anniversary woodstock! the fest, not the bird
  • I don't know what that is so like any normal person who fears the unknown, I LOATHE IT. Strange and weird....hate it. Just because I need something to hate. Dissimilarity makes me suspicious.
  • I misread the question and thought you asked "Do you smell like patchouli oil?" I say yes to both questions and I am no hippie.
  • I hate it. Reminds me of someone trying to cover up the smell of B.O. and cigarette smoke. Smells like shit.
  • Only good-quality patchouli, in whispering (as opposed to screaming) doses.

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