• you can get a "straight perm" also called "getting your hair straightened" this wont put it back to its natural look unless its naturally bone straight, but sometimes its better that way than to have a frizzy poodle perm.
  • letting it grow out will take a long time. you can have it straightened like jollymommy says but you will have to wait a few weeks if you have only just had your hair permed.
  • vinger will strip the perm, leave on hair for about 10 minutes and rinse then condition as it for about a month and you'll see results.
    • Murgatroyd
      What the dickens is "vinger"? Is that pronounced to rhyme with "ginger", or does it rhyme with "finger"?
  • shave it!
  • Allow your perm to grow completely out of your hair. The process only takes 6 months at the most to grow out. Warning leave hot combs, straighteners, not much blow drying as well as other chemicals alone while this process.Mean while shampoo and condition your hair and also if you want you can avoid cutting your hair instead brush your hair and keep your ends conditioned as well as your scalp moist. You want your hair within the 6 months to grow out strong, thick, and well conditioned. I should know since I already did this process and my perm is out and I have longer, thicker , and stronger hair in result.
  • Shave it off and become a skinhead. Lol:)

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