• Double check with the Kennel Club for where you live. I suppose so, but honestly what are you looking to accomplish here? You want to make some money? You want to fool some idiot who doesn't know any better, that you are offering them Show Quality puppies at a small fortune? Unless both the dog and the bitch have their championship titles and were good candidates for considering breeding or line-breeding...your pending puppies may be as likely to be SCREWED UP as worth a single dollar! Puppies born to such a inbred degree of close relation as you have here are potentially going to have as many or more of ANY NEGATIVE characteristics as they may have of the positive attributes. EVERYTHING in this bloodline...Hip dysplasia, cancer, allergies, behavioral challenges has now been DOUBLED that the puppies WILL HAVE THOSE QUALITIES that are genetically passed along. Why don't you call your vet and see about aborting this litter, and then either get on the stick about keeping your IN HEAT BITCH contained safely when she is in heat.... OR...if you are not showing the dog and earn your points and titles...get them both neutered and spayed so that this problem does not occur again...and YOU are not displacing adoptable, already existing canines who need a good home. I would LOVE TO BE WRONG HERE...but I get the impression you are hoping to pull a stunt....a low life nasty trick on some unsuspecting person, who doesn't know any better about buying a cute, sweet little puppy for a top dollar price, when it may very well have a double chance of having health conditions later on, that will cost them a bundle, or cause the dog they love to die of cancer...a huge problem for retrievers over all! I don't mind being wrong at all....DO THE RIGHT THING PLEASE!

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