• Because we dont live in the world of the X-Men. Evolution is one thing but developing cross-species features/abilites is fantasy given the time scale. You might as well be asking why we dont all live on the moon & have flying cars.
  • (a) because evolution takes a very long time. (b) because not being able to fly is not a limitation. If we *were* able to fly we would need enormous chest muscles to keep our wings straight, we would have to live on clifftops (the scale effect would prevent us from taking off normally) and without arms we would be unable to manipulate tools, and would probably be a lot less intelligent. In fact we would need to be a lot smaller and a lot lighter, and live on fish. We would look a lot like the albatross. :)
  • We don't exactly now the direction in which we're evolving. Are we getting smarter for example? The limitations of individual humans is irrelevant though.
  • You can't really expect such a change to happen so quick can you? I don't think flight would ever be possible, but it's a fact that humans have gradually become taller. Why do some people think we are supposed to evolve into gods.....? We're a species; we're an animal just like any other animal, we are just a different type, just because we are intelligent enough to think better doesn't mean we are going to fly and become impervious to disease.
  • Evolution cannot create an ability just because we would like to have it. The options evolution has to select from are severely limited - it can only build things that can be developed from the current structure. And the paths it can take are strictly limited: every single step must involve an improvement, you can never step backwards. As to diseases: they are evolving back at us, and faster than we evolve because of their shorter generations. It is an arms race, and the diseases develop faster.
  • I think we only evolve as much as we NEED to. We don't need to fly...we've been surviving quite well without flight...and don't forget we've invented airplanes for that purpose. If the diseases don't kill us then it is not neccessary for us to evolve beyond them. As long as we SURVIVE and PROSPER in our present form then we're fine and there's no need to evolve.

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