• This is an awesome thing to hear! How can I help you say thanks? Please respond as this is the coolest thing I have ever heard on a website. BTW - you should change your nic from justanothernobody to 'anewfoundsomeone'!
  • That's great news Sugar! I'd LOVE to join you in your thanks! AB has helped me in more ways than one. Thanks for bringing this to light Hon! :)
  • Why give thanks if about 90% of the people on here would either provoke you to go ahead and carry through with it or call you a complete idiot/coward for even thinking about suicide?
  • Thank you for helping alluseek. Like him, I enjoy the site except when I was put in the penalty box and I don't even know why.
  • I'm glad you're feeling better, man.
  • Of course! Thanks to all the helpful folks on this site for whatever assistance you have provided to anyone seeking help. This is not just another 'faceless' website - there are real people helping others who reach out in pain. You know who you are and are too modest to blow your own horns, so we will blow them for you!!
  • thanks for HELPING 'nobody' feel like 'somebody' ABER's....which ever ABer's it was....:) and thats wonderful news, you stay in there,just:)
  • Same,here,friend.Love is a beautiful thing.Thank YOU AB,for your ups and your downs,to all your love,support,caring,friendship,but especially to our enemies,who reassured our awareness in evil,pain,atrosity and defeat,and made us stronger people as well as our friends for building us back up to victory!~Wink~*+++++* Great question,sweetie.*
  • Yeh thanks to all the kind hearted Abers who are there to pick us up in our hour of need. When we log on we are sad sometimes. but usually leave feeling tons better about things. Its a great place to escape and learn lots of new stuff about other people and their troubled and not so troubled lives. Hurray to Answerbag!
  • i found it 2 days ago it has opened my eyes to so many things, thanks answer bag, by the way well done for overcoming your battles good luck with your future i wish yoyu the best of luck
  • aww that is humbling good for you joining this im a newbe and feel very content on here less down and very up, its nice to know theres people to talk to and understand you a bit to lift you up
  • Wow...thats crazy. And its amazing AB helped you :) There are SOME bad apples here, but for hte most part, AB has nice people :)
  • and now look at're up on the leader boards all the time.i enjoy your questions and have a ton of friends(including myself).I'M glad you stuck around.

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