• ehh, just pay close attention to it, make sure it doesnt become a problem, and maybe a drug talk wouldnt be a bad idea either...explain the dangers of these things, and let him know some things are better to talk to the parents about first before he plans on experimenting.
  • I'd praise him for telling you about it. Then I would also remind him that you disapprove of drinking and that you expect that he respects that rule. Tell him that there are a lot more ways to have fun ... legally and safely. (Then I might wonder if the kids are being supervised enough at that camp.)
  • You should make a big deal out of it. That'll reinforce the idea that alcohol is forbidden to him. And that'll make him want to try it again to prove to himself he can make his own decisions.
  • You sort of have to look the other way. He confided in you. You let him know in no uncertain terms that you disapprove, but him coming to you is the most important thing in the world. Dont ruin that trust.
  • Well, first of all, almost everyone's first reaction to beer is not good, most people don't like it, but it obviously is a developed taste. If your son continues drinking, he will, and if he starts to like it, he'll keep drinking. It's all aout teaching moderation. He must know his limits, but you can't forbid him from drinking, because what you make forbidden is just gonna seem more tempting to him. Not necessarily, i know. I live in a society where kids drink and smoke as soon as they turn 12. And i've realized the problem is younger kids drink to get wasted. Just be careful what he's exposed to. Be aware of his social context.
  • I would talk with him about it without putting him on the defense so that he will keep his line of communication open with you. Tell him why you disapprove and voice your understanding of alcohol and its effects and possible consequences (from EXPERIENCE) and how peer pressure works. Even though you don't approve of drinking, let him know that if he is ever in trouble, to not be afraid to call you.
  • Great that your son came to you. That is a huge plus. The problem with children doing things they shouldn't is they only see the glamor side of things and are blind of what bad habits can become. We as adults can use life to teach our children, by showing the dark side of bad habits. Let them witness people who have taken drinking to a bad stage. Those who allowed drinking to consume their lives. Show them that not only does it seem cool to do the wrong things can also become destructive. Of course you do not want the mistake in saying, now see what can happen if you continue to drink. They will figure that out by themselves. All we have to do is open the door.
  • First, thank him for being honest with you. Then ask him what he didn't like about the beer. When he answers, remind him that that's only one of many reasons not to develop a drinking habit. Do not punish him, because he was brave enough to tell the truth. You will want to maintain this type of open communication through his teenage years.
  • most do not like the taste at first..same as with gets better to them...its more 'peer pressure' and 'fitting in' than anything else..... i had similar thing with my son at 16....but he told me how and who get alcohol for them....i made him aware of that person breaking the law.....and u should certainly let camp authorities know what is happening...and hope nothing happens as a consequence of this BECAUSE YOU WERE AWARE..... he knows u dissaprove? u casually ask if he enjoyed it? no, admonishment at all? u are non he will be , TEH NEXT TIME...
  • The first thing I would do is wonder about the Camp. Did you know that the kids would have access to alcohol when you registered him? If you did, shame on you. Since I doubt very much that the Camp looks favorably on this activity, I would take it up with the Camp sponsors, the Camp executives and the Camp counselors. This should not happen again ever. In fact, in our state, they would be subject to penalties of law. If I send my child to Camp, I expect they will not allow illegal behavior to occur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then I would also make it a big deal with my son. This is an illegal activity and there are laws against this. Kids have drivers licenses taken away, denied, suspended, etc. for this activity. The fact he didn't like the beer is a moot point since most people do not like it the first time. Nuff said at this point.
  • I must admito, one im not looking forward to myself. He at least didnt seem to enjoy it much, he told you about it, he was at a camp, presumably where aadults were in supervision, ............ Id let it go, and just listen a littel more intently to other stories he might realay your may be able to keep up with happenings and goings on regarding the drinking issue, if there are any at all......... I guess, for most people, drinking alcohol does start becoiming part of their lives, hopefully not as young as 15, thats all;................:)
  • He is one of the nice kids and you are one of the wonderful parents to keep better understanding with him for sharing it with you. I would discuss with him about the taste and bad points of drinking during some other matters of discussion.I would surely target to discourage him from drinking in future without repeating about this experience. We cannot control the whole society and make others to think like we do.But certainly, we can try our best to give this society better citizens for future. Thank you for sharing it on AB :) Best of luck+5
  • Be proud that hes honest and be proud he felt he could tell you. If he didnt like it then I wouldnt worry too much If hed snuck around, not told you and enjoyed it and had more then youd have a reason to worry.

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