• No brains and no manners are the first thing that come to mind. I would politely ask her why she has no panties on. Maybe that would fix the situation for good.
  • Who knows? She may not have realized how much her clothing showed and might have been very embarrassed to find out. Or, she might think it's sexy and not really care about the kids, figuring they won't know what they're looking at but the grown men will. Or, she might be one of those people who just don't care what other people think.
  • It was probably an honest mistake. You should simply organise the situation so that the kids are not exposed to it -- e.g. move tables.
  • What "parts" exactly were you looking at?
  • Are you the appropriate police? I don't wear underware or boxers a lot of the time, should I expect to get a ticket from you for doing this? My point is, what is inappropriate to you may not be to others and vice versa...
  • Young children should know what those parts are and it should come as no surprise if their parents were truly enlightened. They would know that the person has issues and understand it as well as can be taught to a young child.
  • Kids want to see parts too.
  • That's a VERY good question Scrappy,and I think that your answer is that some people do not care about such things,and are not as down to earth and level headed as you are,my friend.Some people are just 'Fru Fru',you know?*+++++*
  • You and many others may not understand this answer but think about it and maybe it will dawn on you... Why do you allow your children to watch violence on TV? Why do you allow your children to play violent video games? Why do you allow your children to watch cartoons steeped in the occult? Why are you so afraid of children seeing God's beautiful creation?
    • Linda Joy
      why do you assume he allows his children to see and do such things?
  • well it is very raely sighted out and must be part of a few who have seen this.
  • Because people rarely actually think about how their clothes wear their bodies. Since we don't walk around in a 360-degree mirror all the time, it's difficult to see how our clothes move on us. Yes, people should try to be more aware of the display they are putting on, but you cannot control that - you can only control the reactions of yourself and your children.
  • Because, you have been exposed to a situation that you normally would not be, its not your fault, its a circumstance that has been happening to several people, this phase of people who set these situations up will end, they will get bored of there fruitless effects to cause trouble.
  • Sadly because people want attention and they don't care how they get it.
  • Because some people tend to think that any attention is positive attention when in reality they make themselves look cheap, loose and hideous.
  • Try being on a beach with 5 kids under 10 and a transvestite posing for pictures in full regalia and persona! My kids couldn't take their eyes off him. They had never seen such a thing. I could actually have done something about it but let him parade himself. Kids will see it eventually whether it is now or later so there is not much point in worrying about it. Sometimes it is good for them to see 'the other side of life'. It can be as beneficial to be aware of the 'bad' things as the good.
  • You previously said "backside" ..I can't for the life of me think of what "backside" could be offensive or remotely dangerous to kids. Believe it or not even your kids have a backside. Their eyes won't fall out of their heads and it'll give them something to talk about.. "Did you see that woman's "Backside"? I wanna have a backside when I grow up too!" Even if the woman were totally nude it wouldn't harm anyone. it might be embarrassing, but not in the least bit harmful.
  • Why do people think a bit of vag is going to retard their children? Honestly, that's a bit too ridiculous to dignify.
  • That was me. Sorry about that.
  • she was probably hoping some guy would see her like that
  • some like to show their body off regardless of where they are
  • Maybe she was never taught how to respect her body. Maybe she was abused as a child and that's all she knows.
  • Because they have low self esteem and need attention. Good or bad, doesn't matter.
  • probably cause they dont care

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