• Sometimes.
  • I had to in middle school
  • Yes part 1..never got around to part 2.
  • Was a requirement back then. Turned out to be very beneficial. I still see co workers using hunt and peck.
  • Yes, in high school and in secretarial school. It was hilarious .. we had to type on a typewriter to this song by Nat King Cole ... to keep us typing in the proper rhythmn ... a bit different today.
  • I didn't no, but if I remember rightly it was one of the options I could have taken.
  • Yes. I went and did alright for the first half of the year, then got a 'never attends class' for the second half.
  • No. I use the old Hunt and Peck method - then have to proof and re-type everything anyway or this message would look like this: No. I us ethe old Hunt & Peck emthos - the I have to rpood retypeevetythung anyway or thso maggaed would look liek thsi.
  • No, my mother taught me at home on her portable typewriter. I type better one handed than I do the correct way that she taught me.
  • Back in the day I was the only male in my high school typing (keyboarding, what's that?) class. Typed over 105 words a minute, after subtracting 5 wpm for each mistake, on an "old fashioned" electric typewriter. Never got over about 50 wpm on an manual.

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