• Sodium = a basic element that can be found in the earth Sodium Chloride (Salt) = a combination of equal parts Sodium and Chorine to form a combined object
  • The chloride ... see it's not in the first sodium. Sodium chloride is table salt. regular sodium is a highly reactive element member of the alkalai metals
  • One tastes good when you put it on your tongue. The other will blow your face off if you stick it in your mouth. Literally. I leave it up to you to figure out which is which. :):):)
  • Sodium is a highly reactive metal that will burn right through you on contact. Chlorine is an extremely poisonous gas which will kill you. Sodium Chloride is simple table salt. It's actually necessary for life!
  • Both Sodium and Chlorine are deadly all alone, after they have combined, they are essential to life on this planet when consumed in small amounts. Nice question.
  • its been a while since I have taken chemistry, but I'm going to go with Chlorine.
  • Sodium is an element ... Sodium Chloride is a compound ...
  • 8-13-2017 Sodium is in column 1 of the periodic table, meaning it has one electron in the outermost shell. Chlorine is in column 17, meaning it needs just one electron to complete its outermost shell. The result is that sodium gives up its electron to chlorine and the two are bonded by this process of electron sharing. The relative sizes of the ions and the exact shape of the electron configuration allows and forces a cubic crystal structure, which we call table salt. Sodium by itself is so reactive that you are very unlikely to see any, although it is occasionally made just to demonstrate how it behaves. Sodium will strip oxygen away from water, liberating hydrogen, which is then ignited by the heat of the reaction, and it burns in free air to form water again. This is such a vigorous event that you sort of don't want to be near when it happens.

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