• Yes. Both the weather and music can have an affect on someones emotions.
  • G'day Matt Kleviar, Thank you for your question. Yes they do. You would know that you feel better on a nice day. There is a condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder where people become depressed during winter or summer (less grequently). It is quite common and can even require hospitalisation. Similarly, music affects emotions as you know when you hear a song that you really love. Music can reduce negative emotions such as fear. References Wikipedia Seasonal Affective Disorder New York Times Music and emotions Music and emotions: the problem of negative emotions
  • I personnaly think that the weather effects your mood coz if its a crap day usually people get fustated and moody more, but if its sunny then people are more relaxed and cheerful, well thats me and most the peepz i know lol, i dont know bout music though.
  • Humidity makes a big difference. The time period before a rainfall makes me desperate, like if I can't wait for something to happen. When it is completely dry but cool it brings a positive sense of optimism, it gives me a "let's go and do it" attitude. Some kind of Classical music can almost lower the blood pressure and almost act like an antidepressant.
  • Seriously it does bro
  • Yes, music can make someone feel sad or happy. The weather as well does the same, because someone may not like the snow, or the rain, and it depress' them when snow falls, or when rain falls. It just all depends on the opinions of people and how they look at things. That has a lot to do with it. If you really want to look at it, even the Full Moon has an effect on people's behavior. There are more births that happen right around the Full Moon there there are any other time. I don't know the full explanation of that one, but that is cool. When I went in to labor, it was the weekend of a full moon and at that same hospital 10 other women went in to labor that morning, and about 5 more came in that night. The next morning it was about the same, 5 more. It is strange, but it happens.
  • Speaking for myself, whenever it's raining and gray outside I get seriously tired. I could sleep all day when the weather is like that.
  • It effects mine loads!
  • yeah, definitely! bright sunlight is way cheerful, thunder is exciting but kinda scary at the same time so that's fun. my sister was gonna get one of those "sunlight" "machines" or whatever, that give out UV light cos she said that it helped your mood. i said it was a waste of money! for most people, weather moods are only short-lived. and music, man that is powerful!!
  • yes i know from personal experience. On rainy days i feel vibrant and charged , and on sunny days i feel lazy and dopey.
  • Yes very much so. Have you ever heard of SADS? It's a disease where the weather affects the chemistry in your mind. When its dark outside or a rainy day they get depressed, but when its light and sunny there happy. And music i think affects peoples lifes quite drastically, considering how good music is all about emotion.
  • Yes. Since everyone is different, different music and weather are chosen by them..When i'm relaxed, i'd listen to trance, coz i find it soft enough..When i'm in my usual, hyper mood, i'd listen to rock and heavier stuff..I love rain coz it reminds me of my childhood and it was good..
  • it might with some people
  • Temporarily on a few souls! - I don't get affected!
  • it might with some people

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