• It has and did...ever watch the movie "Super Size Me"? The subject of the movie did an investigation about schools and what they serve and found that schools that served healthier foods did better.
  • Unfortunately parents are living in a fast paced world and they do not want to have to stop and cook dinner. Thankfully there are some parents left who value their family more than their career but it's sad- everyone is in such a hurry. I wouldn't feed fast food to my kids even if it didn't affect their performance in school. It is disgusting stuff.
  • not much ... video game systems are the new babysitters and fast food is the new "home-cooked meal".
  • I don't think it will change the parent's thinking. Fast foods are too convenient and with children participating in so many activities, it seems there is no family time at the dinner table anymore. Sad.
  • it's not just the fast food it's also the parents if they don't have time to cook a home cooked meal then they don't have time to get involved with the kids schoolwork and im not talking about yelling at the kids im talking about going to the school and meeting the teachers and getting involved
  • No. A better outcome would be that the fast food industry would be prevented from serving food that is not fit for human consumption.
  • It did, but if you're talking about dramatic, widespread change, it's not happening. It'd be nice, and I've definitely changed my diet accordingly, but it's not going to stop until everything changes simultaneously.
  •'s too convenient.
  • I was fascinated, but then I read part of the study (specifically the statistical part of it) and was left disappointed. The study did show that kids who eat fast food regularly did score lower, but it failed to properly take into account socioeconomic status of the kids in question. They're called confounding variables for a reason, very difficult to take them into account in as dynamic a scenario as this one. What is more likely, unless the version I read wasn't the final one (which is very possible), is that fast-food kids score low because they're generally from a lower economic class. There are lots of documented studies that show a strong correlation between standardized test scores and wealth. So while the "fast food makes you dumb" hypothesis may be true, this study didn't prove it. At least, not significantly. Unfortunately the best way to do this would be to find some kids that don't eat fast food, test them, then feed them fast food for a few weeks and retest them. Likely you'll find that they have less energy, stomach aches, and a harder time running laps, but would it make them dumber? I'm guessing no. It goes without saying that I think fast food should be banned from schools. If this study makes it happen, then that's fantastic.
  • Those who were taking their parenting responsibilities seriously were feeding their children with the right type of food even before this study result came. Those who were casual will continue the same way as before even after seeing this study result.
  • I never eat fast food and while my son was growing up he never did either...We always ate home cooked meals...OK, not completely true but for the most part we tried to eat and maintain a healthy lifestyle...Now to answer your question...I understand that parents have a million things to do these days and convenience is a popular way to go so I don't think parents want to give that up but I don't think they know about the study you are talking about and I would have to guess that some would try and eat less fast food if they knew it would help there kids out in school...I don't...
  • Well, considering that they don't seem to be too concerned with their child's health...I don't see them being much more concerned about their education!
  • We go to mcdonalds maybe once a week and play in the playplace.....and eat some chicken nuggets, besides that....we dont eat fast food. Unless its chinese and I know where they buy all their stuff (cuz they were one of my fav customers at the store I worked at) LoL. Or a mexican resteraunt. But fast food...yuck, a little is too much.
  • It wont change a thing because (no offense) a lot of people are freaking lazy and would rather have the teenagers at McDonald's fix dinner for their kids rather, than do it themselves.. it wont change a thing...
  • obesity aside, Ive never heard that one, I know them not eating enough, such as in breakfast is not a good way to start the body off for the day, thats exactly why its called breakfast, we are meant to break the fast........ :)
  • it sounds true to me
  • Nope, not a chance. People are basically lazy. It is common sense that junk food is.....well..... junk food. Putting calories and health info on a hamburger is liberal stupidity at it's best. .....You don't have to be the head cashier at Walmart to know children need healthy foods.
  • It will for some parents others not so much.

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