• Old people are not different that little kids.They behave impatiently just like kids and get angry when their views turned down by others...
  • You'll find out when you're 60. *Maybe its because no one answered them when they were 30 and asked that same question and they had to find out for themselves too?
  • Possibly because they don't like getting treated like they are disabled, or like a child. Or maybe because their views on life and EVERYTHING else when they were a child don't match up with modern times and customs
  • My best guess is that its not more that they are getting irritated but they just know better, they are wiser, so if some teenagers are doing some stupid stuff and a senior got "irritated" its because that senior knows whats better for those kids and they shouldn't do stupid stuff. I kinda worded this poorly.
  • After living for less than 30 years, I get irritated, sometimes, and they have had twice as long with it. Also, they have the whole, "I'm old, so be patient" thing that they can use. I know when I get older, I'm gonna be an asshole! "When I was your age, people were douchebags, and now there isn't even a word for it!"
  • because they don't have "all the time in the world" so they lack patience. They don't want to waste any of their valuable time worrying about hurting everybody's feelings. And good for them. That's why I love oldsters so much.
  • Some old people are in almost constant PAIN...Some worked hard all their lives to build up retirement and a home only to see something called inflation drive prices up so high they feel they can never retire.And crime and bad loans making their homes valueless...Maybe they see how modern soceity seem to not value experience.Why don`t people have respect for older people?Why do they seem to try to walk over them,run into them,treat them stupid.Maybe because families don`t have Grandparents anymore?..People should have more consideration and understanding for old people,before their grandkids jump thier sh--!But that`s just my experience.
  • I'm 4 years away from 60. I'm not easily irritated at all by anything but rank stupidity, of which there is no lack in the world. I think your generalization is untrue, by the way. I have relatives in their 80s and 90s who are some of the most serene and patient people you'd ever want to meet. But, like myself, they do not suffer fools lightly. Perhaps older people realize the truth of George Bernard Shaw's observation that, "youth is wasted on the young."
  • Do they really get more irritated, or do they not bother to hide their irritations as much as they did when younger?
  • Because they've put up with so much sh*t all of their lives and probably expected something they used to refer to as the "Golden Years". Instead of being treated with the utmost respect and esteem elders were treated with in decades past; they now have snot-nose, know-it-alls (even their own children!) who don't know their a$$ from their elbow, but think they know everything. Instead of taking time to be kind or helpful they prefer to write them off as if they don't exist. Most have to work til the day they die because of the economy going into the toilet and any investment they may have made has gone with it. Some of them are probably waiting to die just to get away from people who treat them like dirt! Do you think you might get a bit irritated to? Check back again if you live to be 60 and above, have seen all they've seen, been through all they've been through, you're sick and can't even get health insurance, etc; and let me know if you aren't easily irritated!
  • I'm getting there so, I qualify to answer this firsthand. I'M NOT FUCKING IRRITATED!!!!
  • Poor health is usually the culprit with many of them not knowing that they have a condition or illness. Most healthy pensioners would not be so aggressive and irritable.
  • Good question...I will let you know when I hit the age of 60...
  • The age gap and the way of the world which they were used to does not exist and they have a lot of disconnect with the current generation.Their set ways are difficult to change and so they become easily irritated.I would be going there but I am also like that too!
  • Have you ever had to tell someone something twice? Imagine having to tell them a hundred times, and then the next person, and then their kids, and then their kids. I'd be pretty sick of it, and would just get a newfangled technology device to parrot everything as per normal. And then a world where the media is constantly telling people how they NEED this and that, and then changing as the years go on. Maybe anyway.
  • Thank you for your question. I am in the age group 60 and above but I do not think I get irritated so easily. I am sorry to disappoint. Anyway I would like to hear the views of other people on this matter.
  • Uncomfortable shoes! But seriously, many are in pain or poor health. Also, they see mistakes being made by young people that do not respect history and make glaring mistakes in the same way that people did before.
  • Because by that age they have done most things many times over and when they try to tell us so we dont make the same mistakes they did, We don't listen.
  • Maybe they don't feel too good, so it makes them real cranky.
  • Most of those who are that old do so by being a bunch of irascible bastards.
  • MAINLY because they've lived longer and learned alot more of life's valuable lessons....and they no longer have tolerance for foolishness....but some were always headstrong, intolerable,selfish,hard to get along with, and it just gets worse and worse!!! :)thatsJustme
  • Because for them, life is soon coming to an end and what precious little time they have left might be spent worthlessly.
  • great question. I think there are a coupole of factors, one being that this age group is faced with there impending mortality and death, many just have a hard time dealing with it. I think older people get caught up in the whoa is me syndrome as well, all they think about is how they don't feel like they used too or wish they sould be young again, or pissed because they never did more with their lives and on and on and on... Many never feel peace within themselves and it manifests as anger, resentment and eventualy illnes...sad really.
  • Irritating youngsters.
  • They all aren't like that ... in fact, some "older" folks are the most patient and adorable people I know. Seems to me that lots of "younger" folks get irritated pretty easily too ... everyone wants everything NOW and is in such a rush all the time. It just depends on the person and their circumstance.

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