• They are? I haven't seen that reaction. Why would Republicans take an anti religon stand of any kind.
  • That he is going to have to do some fast talking when he visits Israel. Whats he going to tell them?
  • If they said or implied that,if I were Obama I would ignore them.Obama has allot of bridges to fix and allot of apologizing to do to the Muslim world ,to create a dialog.At least his speech in Cairo is a beginning.
  • It really does not matter, anything that the muslims do agree too will always be suspect simply because it's O.K to lie cheat and steal from Non Muslims, as anyone who is not a muslim is a non believer and it's NOT about god it's about Mohamod (SP) sorry can't spell this morning ... personally I like the hands off approach they stay on there side of the world and we stay on ours, the problem is that we already have sooo many here that have sooo much interest over there ... Foriegn Agents anyone ... ~Nemo~
  • I feel sorry for those who take on this role in life. There are always going to be haters who will run off at the mouth that haven't got a clue what they are talking about. I can say without a doubt, That which happens in the executive offices stays within a very small group of people and those people for security of the nation as well as their lives do not talk about it.
  • Of course he is. He is also a Latino lover because he reached out to the Latin community in his recent nomination for the Supreme Court, a Republican lover because he has nominated a few for his administration, a Jewish lover, an African-American lover, in fact, if we look at all those to whom Obama has "reached out" to, he has expressed "love" for multiple peoples. I guess this is considered by some to be a bad thing.
  • I wuold say that any President who intentionally alienates countries that follow a different religion than his [waves at Bush 43] imperils the US and our global reputation. It's very refreshing to have a President smart enough to know that one can have friends with which one disagrees on some things, but agrees on others, like keeping peace and human rights.
  • I think his head swelled when he won the election, which is the only reason he isn't wearing a turbine.
  • Forget those guys, and I doubt that all Republicans support that view. I would rather say that Obama is not a Muslim hater, in the contrary to some Americans, including possibly those who say that kind of things.
  • What haven't the republicans said lol.....I'm not surprised at their venemous rhetoric anymore. They sound like jealous cry babies now.
  • I personally don't care what the far right Republicans are saying at this time. They had their chance to do the best job they could. They now have no credibility whatsoever in my world.
  • Personally, I think he's doing fine. Better make a friend than another enemy. We have plenty of those.
  • I hope Obama remembers what happened in Persia /Iran. The corrupt Saudis and Egyptians will eventually go the same way.
  • After his Tour de Force in Cairo today, I think he is too good for the USA, we should make him President of the World. What a wide ranging grasp of world and religious affairs he showed, I'm confident his honest and intelligent approach will go down well in Israel too. At last we have a chance to get peace going.
  • I think we need a new relationship.And hopefully that will work better than trying to have a holy war with them!I am glad so glad that he is trying to be a peacemaker!.."Blessed are the peacemakers.."And the sound like cry babys!
  • We should create as much virulent hate against ourselves as possible. After all, even a religious person will tell you, things are supposed to be messed up and hopeless, so lets help god make it impossible to have peace!! RA RA!! SIS BOOM RA!!!

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