• Ban them outright.
  • No, because the discussions that ensue are usually quite entertaining.
  • It is a type of spamming. They are usually the ones who DR any opposing opinion. You can flag them, but it probably won't do any good. You can just play their game and DR them. They will always be around. I like to give them some sarcastic comments sometimes. Comments can't be DR'd. I usually just ignore them, now. I think everyone recognizes what they are, anyway.
  • Well yes I think. It does flood unnecessary topics here. May be they shouldn't be banned right away... Probably given a warning once or twice.
  • I think people who repeatedly try to bad mouth any one beleif system should be banned. You can have a discussion and or debate without being a prick. It is possible.
  • How will democracy survive if discussion of politics is banned in the public arena? Would confining speech to mundane topics and opp culture really make for a better world? It seems doubtful to me.
  • I think that you should be banned for even suggesting such a thing. Rather I agree with the political questions or not, everyone should be able to ask the question. Of course this question comes from an anonymous user that is to gutless to show their face.
  • democratic propaganda or republican propaganda?????just exactly who is to say whats 'propaganda' to one thats not to another???? this is a FREE country ,so far...thatsJustme
  • There is such a fine, and sometimes blurred, line between spreading propaganda and expressing opinion that it would be impossible to regulate. If you don't agree with it you have three options, leave a disputing comment if you are informed, disagree silently if you aren't, or ignore all political conversations.
  • Propaganda; information or ideas spread methodically s to promote or injure a cause.... This is not to say they are lies or misinformation. No you can't restrict it - that is politics, that is the world. +5
  • That means it takes away the whole idea of asking questions.If people want to look at and vote up such things then let them and they are not being controlled.Political propagande now,what tomorrow? if people don't want it, they won't look at it and then we've won.
  • Definitely - let's ban them, and the questions about religion, and the ones about sexuality, and all that stuff about abortion, all the am I pregnant questions, and and and..... Oh wait, did you mean given them a flag so that we can see them more easily and then choose to join in the debate or, ignore them!?
  • No I don't, nor do I think the religious should be flagged for religious questions. Nor do I think the atheist should be flagged for the nonreligious motivated questions. Nor do I think the pregnant girls should be flagged for the could I be pregnant questions. Etc. etc. etc.
  • It's fun to give them a taste of their medicine.
  • It's impossible to stop, although I also can't stand leading questions where the askers don't really want any other answer except their own political ideal.
  • No, as long as they are polite, respectful and don't stoop to namecalling, being offensive, or doing the copy/paste thing all over the site. Everyone is allowed to have their say as long as they follow the rules here. There would be no discussions if everyone felt the same.
  • Would you also flag religious propaganda? I find it very tiresome and it's sways no one. It's just an endless argument.
  • I think those questions should only be flagged if they don't fit into any existing categories. Otherwise, no.

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