• Yes. We were stranded in Branson Missouri because of a snow storm and had to stay at the hotel for 2 extra days before they opened up the highway. My boss way pissed because of the missed work.
  • Yes, it worked out perfectly. Wife and I were stuck up at a lakeside cabin staring at Mt Katahdin during a freak early snow storm. Couldn't leave for two days. No electricity, no phone, plenty of wood, food and coffee...outhouse trips weren't too fun, but it was still a slice of heaven for sure! Best time I can remember in recent years.
  • Yes, got snowed in several locations including Denver, Colorado.
  • Yes, many many many (many dozens) of times traveling to Wisconsin in the wintertime and getting stranded in blizzards and ice storms. Did it happen to you, too? Also, many times flying and stranded at airports due to bad weather either at source location (plane could not take off) or at destination location.
  • Yes, only once when I was a teenager. :o)
  • Oh yeah... I worked for TWA for 11 years. Many stranded flights.

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