• Everyone is allowed to say whatever they want... But kids should learn respect and they should learn the appropriate time and way to say things... That applies to adults as well.
  • Depending how bad it was and how old they are, it should be more of a teaching moment when they say something out of line. Freedom of speech is more of freedom TO speak. Adults should watch what they say anyway out of respect for others and that there might be young "ears" nearby. Something to strive for anyway.
  • They may get in trouble, but they're not going to get locked up in prison for it. That is what is meant by freedom of speech. Kids need to learn respect, and learn what is inappropriate to say since it will help them get on much better in life, i think =)
  • Until you are the age of 18 you are under my roof and my rules, just as I was when I was a child. You respect my rules just as I did. In the end it is called "RESPECT". Go shoot off at the mouth when you are 18 and see what you get. LOL :-) +5
  • because sometimes they have no couth.
  • Certain privileges are reserved for adults. Look at it this way, you got one more thing to look forward to.
  • Because free speech is not an absolute license to say just anything. The classic example is yelling "Fire, Fire" in a theater. That is downright illegal (unless the place really is on fire). So children need to be taught to discern a bit.

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