• Camping on the showroom floor of a sporting goods store.
  • Spend a month at an airport. Everyday you can pretend to be coming back from Paris via Air France, from Brazil, from China via China Air, from Russia with love, from anywhere. If Tom Hanks can do it, you can do it.
  • Go on a driving vacation where you visit family and friends and stay with them.
  • Pump in sounds of nature then blanket and popcorn in your living room and watch old vacation slides...
  • dont carry over five dollars in your wallet.
  • Camp in the backyard. If you want a cabin, use the shed. Be sure to bring your imagination! Sadly, I might actually do something like that this summer... It kinda sounds fun. But in seriousness. Don't stray far from home. Make the best of what you've got. Relaxation doesn't have to be a 7608759870876 hour flight away. Drive like maybe an hour out of town, if that. Things you need, do it yourself(within reason). One big thing to remember is to have a good attitude about it. Be enthusiastic, take the enthusiasm over the top even. Be excited about little things, ESPECIALLY the oreos. But yeah, vacation doesn't need to be expensive. Even if I had all the money in the world, half of my vacations would still be pretty dang low-budget.
  • Front yard, lawn chairs, bottle of Jack. It doesn't get better than that.
  • Once when I was about fourteen I put a small kids pool in the yard and sat in it. I payed my younger brother and sister with m&ms to bring me buckets of warm water and snacks. I gave them each a dime to play my music tapes and fast forward to the songs I liked.
  • sit in the bath and pretend your traped at sea or play on computor games taht are like a holiday
  • Three Mile Island.
  • Go to a busy boat lanch ramp and watch the people lanch and take out their boats. The best ones are when the wife is backing and the husband is giving directions, I think this is why divorce lawyers hang out there.
  • Hitch-hike, panhandle, and sell your body to off-duty sailors to pay for the 'little extras', like any desired souvineers (sp?)?! ;-)

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