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  • Most of the skin problems can be caused because of dehydration in the body. This leads to the skin problem like dry skin, pimples and acne. So you should drink minimum three liters of water a day which keeps your body hydrated. Clean your face twice a day using face wash. Avoid deep fried foods. Use sunscreen when you are going out.
  • Never forget to apply sunscreen: For real protection of the skin, you need to grab the sunscreen that contains SPF 60. It will effectively block the harmful UV rays, and leave your skin fresh as ever. Indulge yourself in double cleansing: This means, once you are done with facial, use steam to moisturize and further clean it from the dirt. Exfoliate more often: To get rid of dead skin cells, you may use different skin exfoliation methods. You can either pick an exfoliating scrub, or get a cleaner according to your skin type. The exfoliating toners will also help you get rid of blocked pores, and give you a glow in return. Visit:
  • Do not use soap on face if You are using face wash to clean your face, Use normal cold water for face wash and wash your face every 3-4 hours/day. Drink minimum 4 litter's of water/day. avoid fast food, junk food, deep oil fry food as much as you can or have it occasionally.

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