• It is an ethnic slur - I would be inclined to say that the racist aspect of a comment like that comes from the intent behind it, rather than the word itself. Some people use words which are offensive, and can taken to be racist, out of innocence and naivity - not understanding the connotations or the impact of the word. It is very possible that this is true of that girl too, and there was no racist intention behind it. You are entitled to your feelings, whatever they are - I don't think we can tell you what you should feel =)
  • I had hoped we had begun to move away from these types of things now that Obama had been elected. It makes me sad that she cannot see past your skin tone. And not see the wonderful person you are. You can only hope her eyes will open some day and see other colors than the color of a persons skin. I am very sorry for her. and I am sorry it happened to you.
  • Laugh it off. Feel sorry for the loser that said it yo...
  • You can turn the tables on her, ask her if she even knows what "spic" means, then you can call her on her ignorance... things learned from her ignorant family. From what I've heard, a "spic" is someone who doesn't speak english (like "no 'speeka' english") not a very clever insult against an english-speaker.
  • I have been called wetback,spic,beaner,borderhopper etc all my life. I just grin and bear it. They are the ones with problems,not me. I think you're beautiful BTW.
  • That's a low blow, come on people, I thought this was the year 2009 - not 1609! You're a great AB'er, and I'm going by a few interactions here & there. :P
  • it shows a persons low character....and its no where near avoid at all costs...:)thatsJustme
  • it's not really supposed to be because it refers to a non english speaking person usually of cuban descent-we had this as a topic at one of my meetings at work and this was discussed by one of the leads who happens to be hispanic and told us the story behind it and that it doesn't bother him at all but it depends on the individual-but it is a very touchy subject so i treat it as a racist remark regardless of the actual meaning of the word
  • I would just ignore it if I were you. What is a spic though, ive never heard of it?!

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