• Not until kids become adults. Until then, parents should be authority figures.
  • "should" they? not even possible until the child become a self-sufficient, productive adult that doesn't need their parents financially...but friendship is a one can say who should be friends and who shouldn't.
  • I strongly do believe that parents should be your first and most important friends. That's why parents should never ever beat their kids, because friends never do it to each other.
  • Hell no.
  • Only in the sense that they should be someone you can turn to in times of trouble, someone you can seek advice from and someone who enjoys your company as much as you enjoy theirs.
  • It would be nice if they acted as either one. That isn't going to happen.
  • Depending on the parents, it can be very, very helpful for them to be. :)
  • yes and no parents should be your friends when taking about drink,drugs,sex no when they lecture so annoying
  • They are foremost; your PARENTS .... This means they guide you while you grow up into an adult ... Sometimes they need to punish you when you stray off the trail / path of doing what you should as you break the rules etc ... They cannot be your FRIEND and still do the JOB as parents ... However; they CAN be there for you as Friend/parents if you neeed counseling, advice, or consoling etc ... as that IS being part of a Parent's responsability .
  • I don't know about others but from my very childhood. We are good friends. Even I told them about my lover. And my mom has already got introduced well enough with her. Whenever I return home, she asks me about her and gigles hearing the fun I made. Of course you don't mean that if they're my best friends, I'll tell them everything! Everyone has something really personal. Thanks.
  • My parents are not the kind of people I would choose for friends so no.
  • Only after you grow up and move away from home.
  • No they should never be friends they should be your parents always and forever. You never gonna have any other type of parents you'll make tons of friends.
  • In a certain sense, yes. However, they will always be recipients of my respect, so I wouldn't crack on them like my friends and I do.
  • No. Parents are way more than friends and generally deserve more respect and deference than friends. You should have friends of your own generation when you are growing up. When you become an adult your parents will become more like friends but still never just friends. My father and I became more like friends once I grew up and moved out of the house. While I was living in his house our relationship was understandibly different.
  • It depends on your age alot... Once I got past 14 they were more friends, because I was mature enough not to need structure, or strict rules anymore. With that said, I was obsessed with following laws and not drinking, so it was easier for me to be friends with my parents than some others.
  • Yes, i think so. Your only friends in the world who will never stab you in the back is your family. Believe me, they have probably gone through some of the same things we do, so don't think they will not understand.
  • My Mom is my best friend..:)
  • Yes, I consider them to be friends, and as men go, my dad is my hero. He has never disappointed me.
  • no, friends are equals. parents are authority figures. your friends don't have the power to punish you when you're bad, or impose beliefs on you.
  • No Not really. Their role has to be very firm and command respect. More than a friend.
  • No. It's not the job of the parent to be a friend to their child. It's the job of the parent to guide the child to be a good person.
  • i dont see anything wrong with that as long as theyre parents first

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