• Once when I was a kid my mom served us pasta with broccoli from her garden. We started eating it and after biting into a piece of the broccoli I saw a worm in it and we soon realized the broccoli was FULL OF WORMS.
  • When I lived at the other house there was this sucker that had a zillion leg's and could move really fast!!!
  • The time that a fly flew into my eye.
  • I had a few spiders in my home. I went to open a window I rarly used. I oulled up the blinds and what seemed like 30 or 40 spiders came down onto the sill. It scared me because of the unexpected. I was infested and it was amazing seeing that number of spiders.
  • sleeping with this girl I turned over one morning to watch her as she was still asleep. when I seen a spider come crawling out of her nose. That my friend was creepy.
  • Camping... when some bug flew up my nose.... freaked me out!!
  • A spider made a web all over my head when I was in bed.
  • i was picking berries when i was about 6 or 7 and i walked through a bush,(keep in mind my brother had been picking on me about there being a spider on my chest) and he told me there was one once more and i looked down and there was a huge barn spider on my chest lookin at me with all 8 or 9 eyes. i believe it was pregnant too. blech gross
  • begbugs must be the worst!!
  • When I was a teenager, I had left out a chocolate brownie in my bedroom. The next day, I took a bite out of it without looking. Out of the corner of my eye I saw some movement. Upon looking at the brownie, I saw it had little ants crawling all over it.
  • This one time I was in a drainage tunnel and I saw this giant mass of daddy long leg spiders. I didn't recognize what they were at first. I got closer and saw what they were and I picked a couple up by the legs. Then I poked the mass with a stick and they all started running around while I was still in the cement tunnel. I had to crawl my way out as they were running all over the place. I freaked out and ran back to the house, taking off all of my clothes.
  • Last month when I was in Southern California at Laguna Beach, I visited a small restaurant where I ordered tempura and rice. I asked for hot sauce, and the owner of the restaurant gave me a small jar of chilli oil (the kind with dried chillis and garlic in it) to spice up my food. I poured the oil over my food, and as I ate I noticed something hard and prickly against my lips. I put down my fork and lo' and behold there was a dead cockroach stuck on my fork!! YUCK!!! It grossed me out. The insect was about two inches in length and still had all its legs and attennaes on it, but apparently it had been in the chilli oil for quite awhile as it had acquired the color of the sauce. Yeech.
  • 8" centipede.
  • Once I walked by a huge pile of dog shit and all these flies gout out of there at my coming. But there were so many that it made this really loud, sudden and unsettling buzzing noise.
  • I was sitting at the piano, so I lifted the lid and a massive moth flew out of the lid at me! Made me jump Does it count that when I had hallucinations, I would see imaginary spiders crawling around the room and walls?

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