• I don't watch American Idol,so I wouldn't know.
  • i am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy kris won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I believe that BOTH of the young men were very good ... I do think that all the talk of Adam being Gay, and doing drag RUINED his Opportunity ....
  • Ahh! Well I guess I dont have to watch it tomorrow night now LoL. We're a couple of days behind (and yet a whole day ahead lol), here in New Zealand!
  • initial reaction : WHAT!!!!! and no not a good "what". Although I do believe Adam will go gold He'll do better than Kris, I have no doubts.
  • Hi little girl. What's American Idol? All I know is I can't call my daughter or bother my
  • So my sister Rachel, decided to be evil and pause it and when she went to play it the play button got stuck... and we were yelling at her when they announced it so Rachel didn't hear it. So me and my other sister are all excited about Kris winning. And Rach is like, well, we knew Adam was going to win. And I was like... ugh... Kris won and Rach started screaming, like good excited screaming... it was fun... I'm happy. Adam deserved it because he was a kick-ass singer from day one and he is always going to be a kick-ass singer. But the other part of American Idol is learning throughout the process and although he wasn't a star when he started this process, he is now. Kris really embodied that aspect of this show and earned the title American Idol.
  • both guys did a great job this season and i think kris just improved more as the show went on and so that is why he won...good call America+5.
  • I think the one judge is obnoxious and the other one is on pain killers.
  • i was suprised but happy
  • I loved the scowl on Cowell's face. How sweet it is!
  • 'Cute' trumps 'talent'?
  • I think it was very telling that Kris admitted that he didn't practice the song they both sang - that's how sure he was that Adam should win. It's obvious that "Idol" is now even more a popularity contest, since the "tweenie dreamboat" won out over the person who was the better singer and overall entertainer. Adam, you got rooked big time.
  • I was totally shocked. Adam is definately the most talented and the better showman. I think he will go a lot further than Kris...just like when Ruben Studdard and Taylor Hicks won. Look how well Jennifer Hudson, Clay Aiken and Chris Daughtry have done! I think Daughtry's album just went platinum 5 times over.
  • never seen sorry

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