• He slept in a bassinet next to the bed. Although it was only for one night. I had a c-section and it was to painful to get out of bed to get him so after that he just slept in the bed with us for a couple of weeks.
  • He slept in a bassinet in the same room.....
  • In a bassinet beside our bed.
  • Bassinet bedside.
  • In bed with me, all 4 of them until I quit nursing.
  • My son slept in his bassinet next to the bed. Sometimes he slept in the bed with me, because it was easier due to my c-section.
  • In the crib next to my bed It was easier to get her from there cos I was breast feeding
  • moses basket on a stand next to my side of the bed, then a cot next to my bed, then at 1yr+ their own room. I will never understand how mother can put their baby in a different room especially with the risk of cot death or choking.
  • i tried to keep baby in the same room but i could not get any sleep with bub moving about and breathing loudly i got no sleep. i find that the next room was good, near enough to hear them cry but far enough away to sleep. all 4 have been the same
  • She slept in a bassinet beside our bed.
  • i tried the cot and ended up in our bed just for some sleep LOL
  • for the first six months she slept in her crib bed beside mine. but since then, she sleeps with me. she's 18 months old now, and i can't make her sleep in her crib. even though its still in my bedroom. but its okay.. i enjoy having her next to me to snuggle with. :) i know some people say you shouldn't let your baby sleep in the same bed with you because its a bad habit to start, but hey, whatever you're comfortable with. just wait until the baby is old enough to have control over its head, and can roll over, and sit up before you put the baby in the bed beside you. reason being, when my daughter was about 3 months old i would let her nap with me in my bed, and countless times her face would be buried in the pillows or blankets or the mattress, which could have killed her. just wait until the baby has control of its own breathing and movements, and can understand that when it can't breathe, it needs to move.
  • She slept in our room in a crib.
  • With all our children we got them used to sleeping in a cot in the next room. When they woke up crying, I'd pick him up, bring him to our room for mum to feed and back to his cot. I think in the long run this makes the child more independent and less clingy.

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