• Because adults have been there and done that in a VERY different world. Oftentimes adults would be right 10 years ago, but are very wrong today.
  • Adults throughout the centuries have asked this question and come up empty. You have to ask a teen... one who knows everything, preferably.
  • Their minds are still evolving, so within this natural occurence, an association with new ideas accompany it, convincing them this progression of mindset will never be concluded.
  • Geez, it's because you can't trust anyone over 20 (then 25, then 30 as they age). Besides they were born with a head full of knowledge and adults are old and stupid. :)
  • b/c they have to learn from their mistakes. and if they experience or see someone else go through what they should have avoided, they'll never wanna repeat it.
  • Why do adults think that they know EVERYTHING and won't listen to teenagers who have "been there - done that!"?
  • Because they ARE Teenagers and THINK that they know everything .... They do NOT care about the voice(s) of EXPERIENCE as they need to make their own mistakes and then suffer the conserquences .... whatever it is .
  • because they have adult bodies but still have a child's mind. They cannot conceive that you ever were their age, and if you were then, they think you still have no idea of what the lives of teenagers today are like. But I guess that's part of the things adults miss about their own teenage years, is thinking WE knew it all, and wasn't the ignorance bliss?
  • Teens think that adults don't understand. They believe that their answer, solution, advice, etc. are not right. Their belief is adults experience is not the same and they are out dated and old and that teenagers today are not experiencing the same thing that adults did... so they think. Also teens are looking to prove the adult wrong. That is definitely something that drives the teen not to listen.
  • Not all teenagers are like this...Mainly, I'd say its because they don't see adults as being able to relate to them though
  • It is hard for them to believe that what they have just discovered is not only not fresh and new but old and universal. Also, adults dress like crap and don't know any good bands.
  • Because they want to be able to say been there done that fand should have listened to my parents to their kids.
  • I believe that that if you can speak with such authority on the first part of your statement than you have already decided the answer to the second part so I'll just agree with you.
  • Well, since I'm a teen, I kinda know. For me the advice my parents give me doesn't help at all because they seem to be ordering you around. No the hormones iside you tend to make you think differently making it so that ordering you around is not appealing. As a result, though I know that my parents have gone through it, I take their advice on overall things but when it comes to how to say no when someone you don't like asks you out, they don't see the picture the way my school does. In other words each school has it's own way of doing things and that changes and as a result some of the advice parents give you isn't helpful.
  • Some teenagers just want to learn the hardway and some will learn from their mistakes.
  • Capital "H"!!! HORMONES!!! Out of whack and they think they know it all and are gods gift to girls/boys!!! They are ALL that and a bag of chips too!!! Think back Kewl!! We did it too! We were COOL Kewl!!! LOL +5
  • my 17 year old tells me that they just simply do not know what they want out of life and peer pressure and the way that they get made fun of is an essential part of why they do what they do, if we remember that was a big part of why we did what we did. And todays teens are very different and have no problems with beating up their friends or even carrying a gun with intent to kill friends adults or anyone else for that matter. And even if we gave them everything and let them do everything they want to do , they would still rebel in some way and show us that they are more right than we are.
  • I got ,worry.
  • Basically, it's because most adults have no idea whatsoever about how to communicate with teens. In my experience teens can be very receptive to advice if given by the right adult!
  • Answerbag is not a favorite site for Teens.
  • As Roger Daltrey said "Don't try and dig what we all s s s s say".
  • Because a life has to be lived and to learn from things we often have to experience it for ourselves. Best an adult can do is be supportive throughout the experience.
  • Because adults have not "been there, done that". They were somewhere else. Secondly, because those who are, today, adults, were teenagers once and they too wanted to do things their way and, if necessary, burn their fingers doing it. In many case, those adults now want to relive their adolescence through their children.
  • the better question is why do the more mature adult care so much what the little teenagers think; and why haven't the more experienced adult learned to control their emotions yet ? maybe the teenagers don't know they don't know everything, but they know if you think they think they know everything it'll get a good reaction out of you ? at least that's what i do. :D plus... not all teenagers are like that. you're acting a bit childish assumingg that. plus... you just don't know how to talk to them. you must not be communicating with them effectively. and teenagers are pretty insecure people.. it's pretty hard to get one to admit they werre wrong about something in the first place.
  • Because their parents are clueless and have not experienced life, at least not in the same way they think do. Remember when we were that age? Our parents knew nothing and did nothing with their lives. It is not until they reach the ripe old age of 30+ that all of a sudden the parents miraculously become smart!! :)

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