• I am the youngest of three..... I get away with murder...this is true..but really only because my oldest sister broke my parents in! =)
  • I would agree :-)
  • I was the middle kid, so I know what you mean! My older bro got to do whatever he wanted to, because he was older. Then when he messed up, I had to pay the price. And my younger bro was the baby, so he got his way all the time and my parents let him get by with everything! Even as adults it's the same! I should learn from the older brother, and not make the same mistakes. But no matter what my little brother does, its okay, because he is the baby!
  • being the youngest of the family its normal that you are more spoiled and you are given more things than your brothers or sisters have. I have been like this but am not a spoiled sibling though
  • The oldest and the youngest get spoiled to shit. The middle children have to pull all of the rest of the weight.
  • I totally agree that the youngest sibling gets spoiled more. My sister had always gotten away with things that I normally would get severely punished for.
  • I am the oldest... My baby sister got away with everything... I got in trouble if I didn't make sure she was good... eeeegaddsss...
  • eldest always breaks the ice
  • my younger brother is 12 years younger then me and is only 8. i am the middle child and b4 my younger bro was born i got in trouble for the things i did or what my older brother did, he could do no run even if he beat the crap out of me or when he got a 15 year old pregnant! then hit her, that they couldnt see a problem with. when my younger bro was born i was his 2nd mum i took him everywhere i was 13 and i spoiled him rotten coz i wanted him 2 have the childhood i didnt have - a happy 1! even now tho my older bro is my mums faveroute - any disputes they gang up together on me and im 20 and never see my older bro, i still spoil my younger bro hes 8 and i have him round my house as much as i can and we do his fav things and he loves being with me 1 day our house will be his escape when he 'hates' my mum i want him 2 know 2 come 2 mine instead of drinking on the steets like i did!
  • I'm the oldest and I totally agree!!
  • depends on what. in some ways i get away with more because as my siblings have said it - they paved the way for me. In other ways though, being the only girl, i wasn't allowed to do half the things my brothers were. Mum and dad were more strict with me in some senses!
  • In my house it wasnt just the youngest who got spoiled much more it was all three brothers while me and my sister had to do without things.
  • I disagree. He doesn't get away with anything.
  • my mom assumed the twins were in capable of fighting with eachother unless I instigated it. I would get punished without so much as a glancing investigation. one time they were fighting down stairs, my mom ran down the hall way and yelled down the stairs "thomas go to your room" sitting in the room behind her I said "why" the air tight alibi made her mad because it proved they could fight without me. though she was certin this was the only incident she stopped punishing me without a glancing investigation.
  • i have a 16 yr old daughter who is our youngest of four. i have been a parent now for 25 yrs and if i let her 'get away' with more than her oldest brother did, it's because: 1. i'm more experienced at parenting a teen now than i was with my first (or second). i've learned to 'choose my battles', which things are biggies and which things are minor points that need not be debated. 2. i'm more tired than i was when my older children were her age. i save myself for the big battles. 3. times have changed. she has a cellphone (which we pay for) and which none of her siblings had before her. we no longer have a house phone, we all have cells so we had to get her a cellphone so she was not without a phone when the rest of us are working. 4. our youngest is almost like an only child now. her sibs are all grown and living their lives and so we 'spoil her' a little to make up for being all alone. when you are a parent you will be free to make the rules as you go along and good luck to you. stop being jealous of your younger sibling!
  • Yes,and he still does!
  • My older sister broke the parents in, paving the way for me. Thanks Sis!
  • no. I'm the youngest sibling, and my older sis keeps getting her way more often.
  • it is not like that at my house... i am the oldest and i have always been the more spoiled one... even now. my brother gets soooo jealous ;)
  • SPOILED is an understatement!!! They could have been mass murderers and turned the house upside down and still got away with it!!! LMAO!!! YES I agree!!! :-) +5
  • I did the stuff and got told off.. by the time she was doing it they were sick of moaning about it that they stopped bothering to! So yes =)
  • Nope, not in my family. I was the youngest, but there was nothing 'special' about me, so I was basicly ignored. Good thing too, I think I am the closest to normal. My cousins were raised with us because their mom died when the youngest was 2 weeks old (years before I was born). Let's see, in order of ages: Cousin one - special attention, her mom dies (understandable, needs love and attention) Sister - polio at two (understandable, needs love and care) Cousin two - only boy, never met mother (Partly understandable, big deal he is a boy, but needs missing mother's love) Little me - nothing special, but I am so understanding why everyone else gets extra whatever, so it is easy to gloss over me. Like I said, I think it was a good thing in the long run.
  • Not Guilty in my family.
  • Not in my family. I am the youngest of three and my dad had a bizarre contempt for me. The feeling I got was that a. my parents were miserable with themselves and b.they'd already raised two, and were ready to be done.
  • The youngest of the first marriage, my older brother got spoiled and I got ignored and treated as if I did the bad things he did. Remarried and 15 years later my father had more kids and they were all spoiled rotten compaired to my brother and me.

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