• First in Internet Explorer try hitting PAGE - TEXT SIZE - LARGER or LARGEST. Now hit the REFRESH icon (recycle symbol next to the red x icon) and see if the page enlarges. If that doesn't do anything, you'll have to enlarge the entire screen. On your desktop click PERSONALIZE - DISPLAY SETTINGS - and drag the pointer a bit towards the LOW RESOLUTION setting.
  • If you have Firefox: View > Zoom > Zoom In
  • If you ever do switch to Firefox, a move I highly recommend, you can enlarge text by holding down on the control key while scrolling the wheel on your mouse. One direction makes everything smaller; the opposite direction makes everything bigger. Firefox has a wonderful add-on called AdBlock Plus that allows its users to block ads from appearing on web pages. That alone is worth changing to Firefox! Or, if you keep using IE, you can download something that will over-ride your hosts file in Windows. That will stop ads from appearing. This process is easier than it sounds, I promise.
  • hold down your CTRl key and hit the + key.

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