• I think she's blown it. She was so quick to drop ya for someone else and now that isnt going to plan she wants back in with you. How could you ever truly trust her again after all that? If you aint got trust - then you aint got a good relationship. Steer well clear, you're better off out of it.
  • Sounds to me like you got lucky. She tipped her hand in the nick of time, she's the one with commitment problems. Obviously she had been checking out the grass on the other side of the fence, before dumping you.
  • She went to the highest bidder and she'll do it again, if things don't go well when you get back together. You had a lucky escape; consider it a lesson learned. One thing puzzles me, though. If you were going to ask her to move in with you, why didn't she at least have a clue about it before she left? Do you usually play your cards that close to your chest in relationships? Why was it going to be a surprise? Usually couples come to this kind of decision mutually, not as one person offering the living arrangement to the other as a surprise 'gift.'
  • At the risk of being insensitive, your Ex sounds like a real slut and you are better off rid of her. If you take her back, she will only dump you again when it suits her. Move on and find an honest girl.
  • She is playing the field and dosen't like the position she is in. This will probably happen again. I would protect myself from being hurt in a deeper way and move on.

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