• Most states allow "at will" employment, which means they can fire you for any reason or no reason at all. The only exception is if they fire you for being a member of a 'protected group' (i.e. because you're a woman, or because you're an African-American, or because you're a homosexual, etc.). Sorry, but that's the way it goes...:-P....
  • Depends, but for the most part yes. Even if your initial review time has lapsed if they want you gone it happens.
  • My husband was fired last week for having long hair. There are so many folks out there looking for jobs that employers don't care anymore.
  • You should check your work-rights law or regulations or something. Most employees that are permanent or under contracts should most probably be safe from this kind of treatment, I believe.
  • C'mon - you know this answer - employers are "at will" which means they can fire you for any reason they see fit. If you have been there for 30 days - you have no rights and it is pretty presumeable to think that at 30 days you have some rights. What this means is you have to do a kick ass good job and quit thinking you can demand such a thing. It's gone which is good!
  • Most jobs have some sort of "probationary" period...usually 30 days but sometimes longer. Even after you've been at a job a long time you can always be fired just as you can always quit. Every job I've ever had came with an Employee Handbook..and every employee handbook includes the words "at will"..I am hired "at will" and I can be fired "at will" with or without a reason being given. Now, if you can prove that you were fired for a reason that is illegal (age/gender/ethnic discrimination, for example) then you've got yourself a lawsuit. Otherwise, it comes with the territory of being an employee. Happy Thursday! :)

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