• Chuck norris roundhouse kick to the face.
  • I see Chuck Norris is already taken... I will go with Marine .... they have the cutest running shorts... and they are such a turn on calling cadence.. and jogging by...
  • Duh Marines!
  • Army Ranger--I'm a little prejudiced.
  • The Blonde of course
  • Marines don't have Green Beret's by the way, that's the Army. Marines have Force Recon.
  • Well, aside from the fact that I'm not one for poking ANY of them with sharp sticks just to see what happens, I'd go with the Seals. But that's Navy Pride speaking, and I'm not afraid to admit it! Each have their own strengths, so it's hard to say; and they're ALL experts in their own field. One of the submarines I served aboard was a SpecOps boat which was outfitted to carry a Dry Deck Shelter for a mini-submarine Seal Delivery Vehicle. We were able to deploy and retrieve Seal teams under water off the coast of Kadzak, Aturdastan any ole time we wanted... :):) By the way, the Army of One (snicker, snort!) would probably take offense to you calling the Green Beret's "Marines", and the Marine Force Recon would probably double up in laughter over the Green Beret faux pas. . +5
  • Just how strong is Army strong? Strong enough to place a doughnut into your soup cooler?
  • I would say a man who uses logic,diplomacy,common sense,and compassion,would be the winner.The one that would use violence as the very last resort,if at all,would be the winner,not the one that uses it first.
  • Why the Air Force Special Ops of course! They'd be back banging the wives of the other groups, before they realized they've been Pwned!
  • Army Rangers! GO ARMY!
  • Ya'll Duke it out Army Medic here call me when ya need me.........PLAY NICE WE ARE ALL ON THE SAME SIDE. :o)
  • They do. It's the enemy who loses.
  • The ones who trained them.
  • Army Ranger
  • there all badass, but i've heard some fucked up stuff about the SEALS. my friends brother is in SEAL training, and he told my buddy told me about these SEALS securing an enemy vessel. it was rare since they all died; they had numerous bulletholes in them and no ammo, but their weapons were bent (supposedly from using them to club the enemy). the enemy combatants were afraid to get close to them with fear that they may still be alive. anyone know if this is an urban legend or if it's based on fact.
  • All of them sound pretty good to me Marines.

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