• the same thing that happens to everyone else.. we Rot
  • dane cook will tell you.
  • they bio degrade totally within 3 years the same as everyone else
  • G'day xjimmyloudx, Thank you for your question. They have a funeral like everyone else. Regards
  • The same thing that happens to everyone else. Their body parts can be re-used for transplants or study for science and anatomy classes and when all the parts are used up, they are broken down in the ground to provide another level of life.
  • IN what terms? if it is religious terms, the best thing to that is we are no one to judge what happens, NOT our right to do so Otherwise, the same thing happens to all our bodies when we die no one decays and differently, maybe some are slower than others depends on the way the body is processed by the mortician, unless of course the person is cremated
  • Total cessation. The same as before we were born. While it is sad to think that, it does remind me to live every day as well as I can - it also means there will not be anything left of me to regret/miss life/remember I once was.
  • Who gives a shit? I don't.
  • I assume you mean where do they "go'? Just like everyone else who dies, only they know.
  • Our mental essence explodes into over 9000 waves of pure awesome that cascades over everyone in a 6.3 mile radius. Nipples get hard, unexplained boners occur, and everyone just generally feels like making out
  • They go to non-heaven.
  • The same thing that happens to everyone else, we become worm food.
  • run from the light? idk... only had a gf who's heart stopped and was brought back in an ambulance... she said she did not remember.
  • Exactly the same as happens to religious believers. We tip over and lie still until somebody digs a hole and rolls us into it. The difference is in the lives we live BEFORE we die. Atheists live in the Real World, the world we can see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. We coordinate and understand these sensory inputs via rational processes, using our conscious mind. If we believed in an invisible god we might say that we were simply using what god gave us. Religious believers, ironically, refuse to use the very senses and reason they believe their god gave them. Instead, they put their "faith" in muddled documents they have salvaged from scraps of papyri penned by fearful, credulous humans many centuries ago. The believers try to live according to these ancient, apocryphal guides, hoping that after they die they will magically spring back to life and be transported to a land in the sky to live forever with an invisible spirit they call "God." And they wonder why we don't share their fantasy. :)
  • We become part of the Universal Overmind.
  • i'll let you know when i die...
  • They go to walmart.
  • According to the bible they go to hell.
  • Death is the great and only equalizer in life. So, what happens when atheists die is exactly the same thing as for everyone else - no matter how gullible they had been - they simply cease to be and their body is disposed of. +5
  • We cannot know for sure. There is no real evidence either way. Reincarnation stories SUGGEST there is more to life than mere flesh. After that, who knows?
  • They are mourned for the demise of yet one more rational being who didn't need imaginary gods and other people's ideas about religion to make their way in life.
  • Everyone goes through the same process when the body dies, whether they believe or don't believe.
  • The 6th dimensional gods ruling over our very own little universes where we call the shots and determine who lives, dies, gets rich, stays poor, who's pretty, ugly, who wins which games or wars and DEMAND everyone believe we're gods or else! Ooga booga! ;)
  • It depends on what you beleive. I do not beleive in God because I support spiritualism, philosophy and science but I still beleive in a life after death.
  • I assume that you are burried or burned.....other than that? Nothing.
  • The same thing that happens to everyone else.

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