• I travel and take my classical guitar and my nice, very nice electric guitar. They both have good cases, so they are perfectly safe.
  • They're not super cheap, but they should do the trick: I would not use the internal headphone amp. I'd get a Roland Micro Cube: It sounds great. Traveler also makes an ultra-light Nylon model: Here's the company page:
  • I have a hard case, but I worry about theft. Thanks for your answers... these are great websites, thank you
  • You might have to decide between the electric or the classical. Sometimes it is difficult to carry two different guitars when you travel, especially if by plane. A cheap small size acoustic guitar might be a good substitute for the electric guitar, especially if you get a cutaway model. If the action is nice, you could string it up with the same strings you use on your electric and it would feel similar. For the classical guitar, once again, look for a cheap but decent nylon string that you wouldn't be afraid of losing or damaging - perhaps a used one. I saw a few possibilities on Craig's List for $60. It won't be like a Ramirez, but it's only for a short while!
  • Craigslist! That's brilliant. Why don't I think of these things? Thanks! :)
  • I've really grown to like the new A.X.L.'s. Check into them, They did well at this years NAMM, and the editor of Guitar World actually "sample's them" on you tube. Just go to youtube and put in A.X.L. guitar reviews. Cheap and great quality and sound, they look good too.

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