• Heres a question to answer that question, who will be labled the next Obama? Kennedy brought to the table what needed to happen, Obama is doing what needs to be done today, no two people should be labelled the same.
  • No. Different times and situation. I know many feel great about Obama as President. I understand their feelings, but, he is only being rhetorical at present. What will happen during his administration is very moot at present. He has done some good things to date,...the lower interest rates for mortgages and the HUD interest mortgages for senior citizens. I remain hopeful. But, I always remain hopeful. What else can we be?
  • I hope not. Considering their track records... Womaniser- Dallas. Goofy- Hotel Kitchen. Screwy- Chappaquidick. (sp?)
  • Depends which Kennedy you are speaking of. Jack was not a good president looking back at history. I thought he was great and inspirational at the time but he definitely made some mistakes that resemble Bush's actions. Bobby might have been a good one. He seems to have been the best Kennedy in retrospect. I won't even comment on Teddy Bear. Well, OK. I will. He has the common sense of and resembles in his actions the party symbol. Unless you are speaking of asassination and I certainly hope that our country never has to go through that trauma again. I do hope that Obama does better than any of them.
  • Kennedy was an inspiring speaker and leader, but was not such a great president. The Bay of Pigs invasion was a disaster. The Cuban Missile Crisis brought us as close as we have ever come to all-out nuclear war, and it happened because Khrushchev thought Kennedy was too naive to stand up to him. With today's press, John Kennedy's womanizing would be his downfall. Hopefully, Obama will aquit himself much better than Kennedy did.
  • I got him at Jimmy Carter and Bushes 3rd term to close to call.
  • I dont think so.Wasnt wild about Kennedy as a President.Spoke well.So does Obama.There were and are things about Kennedy that I am sure arent known.Obama must find his own 'self' I suppose is a good word.Now none will ever know for sure what kind of President Kennedy would have made.To be a good President in My opinion.One must to the best of his ability know and be secure within himself.Or herself to address the future.Is My opinion.Doesnt make it right or wrong.Just Mine.
  • Yeah, if the white supremacists have their way, he'll wind up getting shot too...
  • If you mean martyred for someones religous political goals Well that depends on what his party has in store for him doesn't it ??? ~Nemo~
  • People absolutely loved and adored Kennedy and Kennedy was a decent president. Because of those reasons, he is akin to Kennedy, but also, Obama is his own man. He is not channeling anyone.
  • The similarities are really about age and charisma. Obama’s administration is unique.
  • Does he plan on driving off a bridge and killing his young campaign workers?
  • The phrase 'the next ______' is always misleading no matter where it is applied.
  • No. I don't. He is far more..and JFK was my first president..the first one I was old enough to vote for. I adored him and when he was assassinated I was devastated, along with many others. But JFK was a privileged white man. His road was far easier. He was born of wealth and his father was able to grease the political road for him. President Obama had no such influential assistance. He did it entirely on his own..and he is a man of ethnic diversity and has had to overcome the racist bigotry of small-minded people. He is not the next Kennedy by any means. He is the first Obama and others will use him as the great example of success. Kennedy could hardly fail with all he had going for him. Obama's success is a miracle! :)
  • Nope. There is a lot of diffrences between them.
  • his wife better hope not
  • No, believe me, he is no Jack Kennedy!
  • No...just some Obamaphile caught up in the emotion of the moment. Kennedy and Obama are 180 degrees out from each other.

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