• Politics is itself a sensitive matter where everyone have their own ideas and no one likes to be proven wrong.
  • Because politics controls people. And people want politics to control them the way they think is best. Because, we all know that what we think is better then the next person.
  • Because IN some countries Politicians have killed in the name of there cause
  • +4 good question. If I had to hazard to guess. Id say they are like sports teams. People bet on them because they are their team. I can tell you one thing. DON'T ever go off on your mom about being republican in the middle of a republicans women breakfast in the local elks lodge! The up side: every chick in the house had eyes for me. The down side they served steak and eggs. so they all had knives. I personally vote for who I think is best. to hell with politics.
  • because. Republicans are watered down Communists & Democrats are uptight Anarchists.
  • I think because the say of the people has been watered down to the point that it doesn't matter what they think anymore, if you are a large business owner or have connections somehow you might get heard but for the rest of us forget it.
  • Most folks have something called: Pride. They've convinced themselves that they're right. And they don't like folks to point out everything they've chosen to ignore.
  • Our society is held in the balance.

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