• I fooled around with a girl friend in one once...
  • Watch a movie listen to a cd or roam the net.
  • Go on the internet
  • Play the "silent" game
  • You could look at child pornography. After all, putting filters on public library computers would be against any First Amendment rights.
  • Use the computers. +5
  • Borrow books.
  • Use the library toilet?
  • Drop a book or pen and go under the table to pick it up...then check out the girl's panties and butts while you are down there. Check out a National Geographic and masturbate to the naked Polynesian and African women. Take your "paint by the numbers" thingy and play with that. Take a Rubix cube and play with it if you can't think of anything else to do. Go to the computers and check out the porn sites. Remember, your parents are paying hard cash for your "education" get the best you can.
  • draw. play your Wii [in my library you can do that] check out a movie. brows things by subjects you like in the card catalog. go through and move books around to confuse people. stand next to someone and yell and when they find you get kicked out. sit around and have a book open in front of you yet sleep. check things out on the internet. look at the news. go through magazines. go to the child's section and look at all the pictures. look at the exhibits you may or may not have. volunteer to do a free exhibit of your art there and talk to someone there about it... bug the dude next to you for a great book. continual ask random people for the bathroom.
  • make out in the dusty stacks...very romantic. LOL.
  • write laugh at people crying as they read annoy the librarian by asking stupid questions annoy everyone else by asking whether the book they're reading is good sleep! (my favorite) get caught up in a heated political debate rent an audio book and listen to that rent a CD (or bring one yourself) and listen to that rent a movie and watch it on your laptop (make sure you bring earphones, or you might get kicked out! ;)
  • Go to a lecture Get together and discuss the book thet you just read in your book club Watch a movie Take your nephews to the story telling Get some books borrowed
  • i take my 1yr old son to a story telling playgroup i have used the internet there a few times i can also get dvds and video games for free just like books maybe i am lucky to have a good local councillor
  • You can also order fast food there.
  • When I was a child my library had very shiny wooden floors - if you wore the right subber soled shoes, they squeaked as you walked on it. On my weekly trip to the library, I would quickly choose a book, then walk round the shelves making squeaking noises with my shoes *L* Every time I see that building I think of the floors - but they have carpet now :(
  • Have sex in the stacks
  • homework.
  • Since reading doesn't count, then you can look at books.
  • Use the internet,take classes

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