• They are needy in a bad way
  • They feel loved, protected, and comfortable when they are close to a boyfriend.
  • They are in love. At least its better than the opposite, when a girl never wants to see her boyfriend.
  • Then only they can do everything on their boy friend's money!
  • Its just because they love to be in love. Not allways healthy if its ALL the time though. They will need to learn at some stage they need an element of independance to be most happy. How they take that will depend.
  • I really don't know. I give my bf space to breath, lol. I let him go out with his friends and such, and I like to hang out with mine. We see each other about 2-3 times a week, so it might not be alot, but we still have our own lives. I just think it's really unhealthy to want to be with your bf 24/7, in an obsessive way. but that's just me.
  • I think they want to be feel loved and concerned from their boyfriends. I guess it's the only stage in life, you want to see your boyfriend everywhere. Who knows? After this stage, the love from relationship will drain off and withered slowly.
  • Insecurity. They have to learn that everyone needs space on occasions.
  • There's nothing wrong with wanting to spend time with a boyfriend. But when it gets obsessive and has to be all the time, it says to me that a girl is jealous, insecure and not taking enough time to develop a life of her own.
  • Extremely insecure women.
  • 1. It feels good to be in a relationship and undisciplined people want what feels good all the time. 2. They feel unloved and try to get all their needs met from their boyfriend 3. Feeling like they don't have a life of their own.
  • honestly I don't understand either I always want space and time for me...away from my bf's

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