• Just don't ask anyone where to get any weed and you will be fine.
  • No hon... Relax. Next time your friend gets high, go in the other room. The second hand smoke is making you paranoid.
  • No, you won't get in trouble for asking questions, as long as those questions arent about where to buy it :)
  • If asking this type of question in 'first person' got you in trouble, you'd be the first person that it ever happened to.
  • Only if potential (or current) employers search out and find YOUR questions, and find that they are all in the first-person. They may not give you give you any type of chance to explain that they're for a friend. Remember that all of your questions and answers, as well as your profile, are out there, searchable by Google and other search engines. All they need to know is your username, and yes... I think you COULD get into trouble. That's why I'm careful about what I ask, and usually careful about what I answer and comment.
  • Weed is a drug. People who smoke weed on a regular basis eventually look and act borderline retarded.
  • Way to post a disclaimer... A girl after my own heart.
  • In trouble with who? The question police? For one thing, they don't know who you are. For another, they don't care. Just don't smoke it. Its no good for you. Enjoy life!

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