• Push-ups will do a little bit, but not as much as sit-ups. You shouldn't do any more than you can do comfortably; I have no way of knowing how many that is. Assuming it's 25 (just a random number), after a few weeks of regularly doing 25 each day, you should be able to do 30 each day without any less comfort.
  • Yes, working out will help. If you are carrying around extra weight, you will have to do more than push-ups and sit ups. Cut back on your calorie intake - especially sugar, and work in some cardio exercises. As to how much to do... as much as you can 'till you feel your muscles straining, then push for one or two more. Take a break for about a minute, and do another set. Building muscle requires protien, so plan your workouts to be very shortly before eating. Make sure your meal has plenty of protien, and a little bit of carbs. The first 3 hours after a work-out are the most important for muscle-building. Also, stretch a little before, and even more after. This will help break down the damaged muscle and tell your body to build bigger muscle fibers to replace them.
  • they will help a little bit but don't rely on just these two exercises, you body will get use to them and you may not see the same results. try adding in a variety of exercises and vary the order each time you work out. do as many as you feel comfortable to do without over working your muscle. have a goal to work towards e.g. 2 sets of 25 and once you've reached that, increase it by 5 or 10. you should soon see some results just a few ideas that may help.
  • Incorporate jumping jacks and walks with spots of jogging if you can. Pushups and situps won't do it alone or at least I really don't believe they will. Unless you're doing the most intense sit ups any man has seen before ^^
  • wow... a good workout plan and diet will help. push ups ans sit ups alone wont do the trick. daily effort and pushing yourself past what you think you can do will be a good start. read a couple book on working out. or you can ask me ill fill you in on anything you want to know.
  • Fat loss comes primarily from cardio exercise (the concept of "spot toning" the fat out of one area is a myth). You should aim to get at least half an hour of cardio daily and maintain a healthy diet. The pushups and situps will help tone and firm the muscles, but without cardio, you will not see the results nearly as well. For maximum results, exercises should be done till muscle failure - until you can't do any more. It is okay to work your core muscles every day because they recover very quickly. Pushups should be done every other day when you are trying to build muscle so they can heal.

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