• I guess so. Even in Hinduism we consider it very holy!It is used in our pooja(ritual) items.
  • Thank you, April, for your kind remarks about the Parsi community. I'd like to clear a few things in this answer. First of all it is not cow's urine, but a bull's urine. And the bull is a rare albino species with not even one coloured hair. It is completely white. We call such a bull Varasiyaji, with respect. These bulls are given Parsi names, and consecrated and revered. The urine collected form such a bull is consecrated in a very long ritual known as the Nirang-din ceremony. The consecration ritual is considered so powerful that the consecrated urine never goes bad afterward. People store a bottle of it in their homes for years together. The Nirang, as it is known, has positive purificatory (germicidal) properties, which is even extended to spiritual cleansing. During the Navjote ceremony, a small part of the ritual requires the child to simply take a very small sip (merely touching the tongue) to "purify" herself in preparation for her life ahead as a full-fledged Zoroastrian. It really isn't all that repulsive, and since the smell is almost negligible, we have had no difficulty in "co-operating" with the priest during this part of the ritual. I wouldn't be surprised if the future Navjote candidate will insist on flavoured Nirang, be it chocolate, strawberry, or whatever. That'll be the day! :-)

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