• check the big computer that's behind the glovebox
  • exact same problem here ...any help would be great
  • 4 to 8 "printed" cards, in a box, on the firewall or behind the glovebox, pull these, one at a time, and check for continuity, take the faulty one to a parts store like Auto Zone or NAPA for replacement...very pricey parts
  • You check in at your nearest Auto Zone Store and for free, have them analyze your vehicles problem. Its free. go for it.
  • Hi, Did anyone figure out what was causing this problem. My 96 Grand Am was running and still is running fine. All the gauges stopped working and some of the dumb dumb lights came on. All fuses check ok with a test light and I checked and cleaned all the grounds I could find. Any help? Please!
  • did anyone find out what the problem is. My car is doing the exact same thing

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