• Get some Denta-Bones. They help with fecal breath, and nothing is worse that feline fecal breath!
  • What about getting a covered litter box? Cat crap can't be good for him, he's bound to catch something nasty.
  • It's not an optimum treat, that's for sure. We used to have the same problem and while the house I used to own had a little sun room that had a door, where I could cut a hole only large enough for the cats to go through to get to their box...THIS house has no such option! What finally cured our dogs from picking out Kitty Rocha, was when I switched everyone to a Species Appropriate diet of Raw Meats! I was shocked to be honest with you. One day I happened to see one of them near one of the cat boxes...a peek in, a bit of a sniff and suddenly the dog was wearing an expression of "hmmm, eeeuuu, I'm so not in the mood for THAT!" and then...THE DOG WALKED AWAY...the dog, didn't see ME standing there either and there was no "wind blowing my scent" so I have to figure the dog decided it wasn't as yummy as it had been. We've seen NO SIGNS that either of them has been back at it. And there were ALWAYS tell-tell "crumbs" from when they had been snacking between meals! Heck, if I tried to angle the opening so that the poor cat could barely manage to get through the opening and hopefully making it impossible for the dog to access it, Hannah would simply paw at and move or turn the box so that she COULD get to the goodies inside! You might consider switching your animals to a Correct diet for their species! They are designed to eat, RAW meats, bones and organs after all! Raw Meat digests properly and RAW bones, including chicken bones go crunch, crunch. COOKED bones of any type ARE dangerous. Cooking causes the bone to become brittle and it can then break into sharp shards that can cause harm. RAW ONLY does exactly what nature designed it to do. You also want to avoid heavy, dense weight-baring leg bones of LARGE animals, like beef or other heavy meat animals. Check out these web sites to learn more about feeding your dog what it was designed to eat! I researched diets for about five years before switching my dogs and cats...and my only regret is that I would have gotten on with it and not waited so blooming long! I save money every month now, old feed (canned and dry for 3 cats and 2 dogs including cat litter) was: $65 to $125 PER MONTH. Now I pay between $45 to $75 PER MONTH! What do I feed? What ever is on sale, or I get FOR FREE from Freecycle folks (usually freezer burned but that doesn't effect the nutritional value and the dogs and cats could care a less about it. I also belong to a local Raw Feed Co-op and we get some pretty good special prices (WE eat some of that chicken too!) They eat: Beef, chicken, turkey, rabbit, venison, goat, pork, lamb, fish and "green" (unprocessed) tripe (only fed outside as it kinda stinks...although oddly enough their breath never stinks even after eating it, the cats don't eat tripe!)...what parts? Thighs, legs (poultry), necks, roasts, steaks, chops, hearts, livers, kidneys, beef tongue,breasts (poultry) (I don't prefer to use ground of any meat, but I'll feed it if it's free!). ANY MEAT that is not breaded, enhanced, cooked, smoked or spiced...they eat. If someone offered me Ostrich, they'd eat that too! Their teeth are now sparkling white, their coats thick and glossy, they shed less and have no doggy odor. Hannah my Search and Rescue dog, no longer throws up 2 to 4 times a week and both dogs no longer seek out "Kitty Rocha" at all. They ALL poop less, because all of the nutritional value in their food is being USED by their bodies, not pooped out. Hannah used to also poop between 3 or more times a day, no more. Now she poops once a day or sometimes even every day and a half, it's smaller in amount and their poop tends to dry up and crumble away to dust in about 3 days unless it's raining a lot. One of our cats used to get crystals in her urine on commercial feed, even if we gave her nothing but canned. NOT ANY MORE! This same cat also used to be something of a terror. Who knows, maybe it was discomfort at her health challenges...but the challenges are now gone...and she has become MUCH more sweet tempered and friendly, demonstratively loving over all. Hannah is more focused when training or working, and all of them seem to have improved energy without being crazy wound up. 80% Meat, 10% Bone, 10% Organs. NOT every single meal, but over time, over an average week. Don't ask your Vet and expect them to be supportive, especially if they have kibble and canned fed available to sell to you at a fat price. Most Vets don't know much about Raw Feeding, because they are not taught anything about it. But the Folks on the Yahoo site for Raw Feeding include people who have fed raw for 10, 20 and at least one for the past 50 YEARS. They include breeders, agility champions, big dogs, tiny dogs, puppies, mixed breeds, pure breeds, old dogs with and without teeth. One of my personal rules of thumb is to consider what the person telling me the information has to LOOSE OR GAIN by my decision. Raw Fed dogs and cats tend to be healthier, they don't require as much service from their Vet, they don't need expensive dental procedures, they don't get many of the medical conditions with skin, coats, urinary, or stomach upset that Kibble or commercial fed companion animals SUFFER FROM. I save not only on the cost of feed and cat litter, but my animals don't need as much from the Vet either! Best of all they are eating what they were designed to eat, they are in better health and they are full of JOY at meal time!
  • The fact that you are "tellin him where it comes from..." may be reason for concern, yes. If you want to dissuade him as others have written you must restrict his movements. For example inside the cat box should be in a room or a place the dog cannot get to, outside is tough. Some believe that a change in his diet may help. I would try a better quality food - more meat, not meat meal. Any grains should be whole and I would avoid corn, wheat, and soy - brown rice and or barely maybe. Some veggies {steamed" and fruits maybe. Most pet food is garbage and leave many pets wanting. Most cats food is mostly meat and are made for flavor - sorry still some left on the exit ramp.+5
  • You could try putting some tabasco sauce or vinegar on the cat turds to discourage your dog from eating them. I've also known some dogs to eat baby poop from a nappy while the child's mother is cleaning them up or for them to eat toddler poos in the garden. I don't know why they do it.
  • Is he a pup? It's common in puppies but they usually grow out of it. Dogs are just being efficient and sensible when they do it because there is a lot of undigested matter in it. I'd try Redhawk's raw meats diet and see if the other dogs are able to digest more. If not I'd just wait to see if he outgrows it, look the other way and no mouth kisses.
  • I tried to get my dogs to stop eating shit. I finally gave up and decided that if it is shit they want, then it is shit that they will get. I go out in the yard and collect all the shit I can find and put it in their bowl for dinner. I am saving all kinds of money now. They don't seem to mind. I can tell that they like it because they are constantly walking around with a shit eating grin on their feces (I mean faces).

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