• Oh my your question...+4!!!!
  • Yep. It'll save me from an eternity of being stuck with all the people who have treated me the worst in this world.
  • yes because god wants you 2 cut a piece of your boys penis and that ain't right
  • Well all my friends will be in hell with me, doing all the wrong things we did up here, so I'm thinking that's sounding pretty darn good.
  • If we knew hell to be real, then no one would be an atheist. But since there's no indication that it is real, we have nothing to worry about.
  • Not sure about hell! But if heaven exists it might be very under populated.. Grin..
  • An atheist can be satisfied knowing that they did not live a lie just because of the fear of Hell. An atheist can be proud that they stood firm in their beliefs instead of bowing to a god for the sole purpose of a reward.
  • This is just another version of Pascal's wager. There are hundreds of thousands of gods out there--which one should an atheist believe in? If the belief must be genuine to be saved, how could an atheist pretend and trick an omniscient god? The logic and this old long debunked wager fails as well.
  • Being true to what you believe to be true is always better than to try and except something that you believe (and the evidence agrees)to be wrong.
  • Just because a bully threatens to make me suffer unless I do as he says, hardly compels me to do as he says. I don`t think I`ll be joining his gang regardless of what he threatens me with.
  • Hell is no more real than heaven and the Boogieman are. And, yes, it is well worth it and will always be
  • If hell isn't already here on earth, it probably isn't real anyway and I would gladly stack my own life and deeds up against any Christian's.
  • Yes. In the unlikely event that there is a literal hell, I would still be happy to live as an atheist because it is the only way I can be. To live in fear of a highly unlikley possibility is counterproductive and it can waste the only life we have.
  • Hell exists only in the fertile human imagination. For some, it can mean very real suffering and terror here and now. By realizing this I have freed myself of any reason to fear hell. +5
  • If heaven and hell aren't real, do you think being a believer your entire life will be worth it? The problem with this question is that it requires absolutely no logic or sound reason to ask. It makes no suitable point. An atheist, by definition, does not hold belief in any deity. We remain un-believing because there is no logical reason to believe, and there is no evidence that begs believing. Unlike Christians, and those who believe in heaven and hell, I don't think that you'll be sorry when you're dead, because I believe that you will not exist at that point. That is why I use arguments that have connections to the immediate, that is things that can be observed in the present and past. I base my belief on very sound reasons for which I can also produce evidence. I was a Born-Again Evangelical Christian for 21 years, a pastor for 3.5 years, and I once felt and believed the same things about atheists that you may feel (assuming you are not an atheist yourself). To get me to believe that Hell exists, you must provide evidence or good, sound, reasoning.
  • Yes. Because if hell is real, then your god isn't worthy of worship.
  • Yeeeeeha! Yes!
  • Absoloutly - I have never seen one "God" who was truly worthy of my worship. And if I have to suffer for all eternity in hell for that moral stand I make then so be it. The mear existance of a "hell" would prove to me beyond any doubt that God is basically evil and unworthy of my praise in any way.
  • Um, which hell? There are thousands upon thousands of them to choose from - with hundreds of thousands of gods either ruling the hell or deciding who goes there... I mean, if Allah is real, do you think being a christian all your life and going to hell for eternity for blasphemy was worth it...?
  • If Hell is real, I'm a snowball.
  • yes. then god didn't disappoint you when you tried to call for help when being raped or mugged or your house cought fire with no more identity and nothing to hold onto. it means that people who kill their children are truly insane and god didn't abandon them. it means that you had sanity and if i go to hell i hope everyone does so that everyone can see how selfish he truly is that is taking into account that he supposedly exists.
  • If Santa Clause is real was it worth it to not behave at any point in your childhood? if the Easter Bunny is real is going to church and believing a man died on the cross for all of your sins worth it? Think about this, if Christ did in fact die on the cross for all your sins then what's the point in ever even attempting to get along with anyone or bothering to obey any of mans laws? After all you could just be a dirt ball all your life, admit you believe in god at the end and all will be OK and you get in heaven on a technicality. Life isn't one big trial even though you think it is.

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